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Aura-Soma and SoulCollage®:Treasured Companions for the Journey

Part 1


One day while googling online I ran across a link that took me to a website about the Aura-Soma Color Care System. I don’t recall now what I was searching for or whose website I found – what I do remember is being very drawn in and intrigued by what I was reading about this self-selective Soul System of color that I had not heard of until that moment. Excitedly, I wondered how I could apply these color theories/energies to my life and if doing so would support and enhance my work with SoulCollage©.


I ordered 2 books that were written about Aura-Soma: The Aura-Soma Sourcebook and Aura-Soma, Healing through Color, Light and Plant Energy. I began diving into a luscious array of writing and imagery that told of the Aura-Soma system itself and then shared insights about each individual bottle of color/s.


Before I continue, let me first share a little about SoulCollage®. SoulCollage® is a self-selective system of Soul Work like Aura-Soma. The difference is that imagery is chosen and assembled, and fashioned into a card. These individual cards create an ever evolving story deck, encompassing our energetic aspects, connections to Sourve and others,  and potentially creating greater awareness and self-acceptance so that we may grow and evolve and Love more. Each card represents a well of deep wisdom that we carry within ourselves. I became a SoulCollage® facilitator in 2010. The process (and sharing it) has become an integral part of my life. I find that SoulCollage® connects with everything I do and am interested in somehow…and why wouldn’t it? My deck is the Story of me in energetic, archetypal and very personal senses. Each card also is infused with color and this is where Aura-Soma comes in.


My next step was to ‘experiment’ with some SoulCollage® cards already created in my deck to see how the colors I chose via the imagery that created my collage card aligned with any already existing writing or understanding I had of the card, or if the exploration of a SoulCollage© card through the lens of Aura-Soma brought me any important new insights.



I was aware that I would be working from the “appearance” standpoint and that Aura-Soma included a physical component of applying color to the body as well – and yet this “appearance” place felt like an important place to begin.

I found the initial inquiry to be fun, rewarding and extremely opening. Enthusiastically I set upon a journey to explore how Soul-Collage and Aura-Soma could work together in complimentary ways.


What I found was amazing and extremely exciting to me. There seemed to be a profound connection. It appeared that I/we intuitively have the color information inside and that chosen bottles most often support the cards intention and/or the writing that may accompany a card.  It also has been true that the color bottles add additional layers and insight that prove to be helpful in working with SoulCollage® cards and that can include hidden and shadow components.


I decided then that I wanted to learn more about Aura-Soma and went to take level one training with a friend in Santa Fe in March 2012. Upon returning from that training, I revisited  a powerful SoulCollage® card in my deck I called Butterfly Warrior. It's imagery and energy reflect upon a significant aspect of my life journey. The card was made at my SoulCollage Facilitator training in August of 2010. The training experience was a pivotal time in my life and a potent experience of not only being in the moment, but also of looking back to see where I had been for the puposes of moving forward!  Below is the card and the "I Am One Who" statement that often accompanies a SoulCollage® card.

"I am one who emerges from a powerful storm transformed, having witnessed in the stillness at the eye"


Looking through the lens of Aura-Soma while writing initially in August 2012, I chose 4 bottles for this card:


B100, B89, B55, B83

              B100                           B89                            B55                           B83

I'll share below some of the correspondences from the Aura-Soma writings for each bottle. There are many more connections and a deeper way of weaving as well as much more to the story. What I do share is intended to give a sense of the relationship and may open the door for your own explorations


B100 Archangel  Metraton is the most prominent.  


The light coming into the shadow; a new dawn in the inner worlds


“Connecting with what brings the possibility of wholeness from the depths of our being to alleviate suffering”



B89 Energy Rescue  


Tarot Correspondence: Return Journey of Strength


Affirmation: I am open to see the creativity in all aspects of life that present themselves to me


"A new window or portal, A Time-Shift., gateway to a new understanding, a new possibility for enthusiastic well-being ; a new paradigm; awakening to the love within existence"



B55 - The Christ


Tarot Correspondence: 10 of Swords


I awaken to the mystery of the body as love


"The energy to work with and for the light, awakening to and grounding the Light within, The opportunity to see purpose"



B83 - Open Sesame


Tarot Correspondence: The Retutrn Journey of the Hierophant


Affirmation: I am open to the wisdom that is revealing itself to me that I may share it from my heart


I open myself to the deepest joy so I may share it with others


The wisdom of the past expressed in a new way; ancient widom reevaluated and expressed to connect with the many




I am going to focus here on the last bottle first, B83, (Turquoise and Gold) and its significance in the card and in my life. This color combination is found on the butterfly’s wings as it flies to freedom. Although only a small amount of this is showing, it feels extremely significant to the story and in its placement, what has unfolded since creating the card, and for the future.


I am choosing to work with color by following my inner prompts as to what to use and when unlimited by an exacting formula because I don’t believe there is just one way or lens through which to view.


As I contemplate the many doors that have opened to me (B83 Open Sesame) and the many things I’ve learned that I feel prompted to share I smile at the connection and realize that there is no turning back.


The Butterfly suggests that as well as it is a living creature whose DNA is actually altered through its phases of development.


The Journey into the eye of a powerful storm has brought me to a different place; a portal to a new understanding (B89) and has shined light into the shadows creating a new dawn in the inner world (B100).  I had been filled with renewed energy and have found purpose (B55)…and as I share from the heart, many new doors have opened and are continuing to opening to me (B83). 


Two years passed between the time I made the card Butterfly Warrior (August 2010) and when I originally viewed it through the lens of Aura-Soma and created the writings above (August 2012).


Now, in June 2014, it has been almost another 2 years as I compile my discoveries to share as part of the requirement to take Aura–Soma Level 3. I can testify as a part of my life experience that many doors do continue to open. So much more has come to light. There is much more that could be said now. And I realize that 4 bottles create a Color Consultation and the specific order I chose to highlight (see order above) would have been fitting for the time! Interesting as well that my first Aura-Soma teacher has B83 as her Soul Bottle. I also see several other bottle possibilities that I may not have seen upon my first inquiry. So interesting the timing!


To me these Collage cards come alive and are rich with meaning. They are steadying, inspiring, as well as transformational with new insights as I grow and change. I also believe they are co-creational and weave a tapestry that transcends linear time.


The addition of color has made the experience all the richer. I’ve also done work with storylines within my deck…for example, I have many cards that feature B89, and if I put them together I can tell a "real" story related to that bottle’s theme. The process of so doing with individual and sets of cards has deepened my understanding of the interaction between Spirit and Matter and has given me something tangible to share. I conclude with words that came to me about how the two systems work together using phrasing that I intend to respect and honor both:



It could be said that The Rainbow is the result, or manifestation, of the union of Sun-light (Super-conscious illumination and enlightenment) with Water (the Great Sub-Conscious and the Mysterious Unknown).


“SoulCollage® and Aura-Soma® are both trademarked Methods of Soul Work and self-selective modes of Healing and Self Discovery.


Soul-Collage® primarily uses Imagery and secondarily Word seeking to create powerful and transformative openings into the Unconscious.


Aura-Soma® utilizes primarily the energy of Color and secondarily that of the Plant and Mineral Kingdoms seeking to tap the Super-Conscious in powerfully opening and connecting ways.


My experience is that together they are potently Alchemical and serve to support and Illumine each other bridging Heaven and Earth”


Sarah Gallant



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