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With Love and Care in ALL We Do...

All of the complexities and turmoil that have been playing out in the world for awhile now has prompted more reflection on what is truly important to me. The love of and for family and friends, health and wellbeing, spiritual connection and practice, a sense of freedom, creativity, the beauty of the natural world, and making a difference are all on that list.

What was striking to me to discover is how much that I missed seeing some of the people that work in establishments that were closed during COVID lockdown. I know some of them by name, others not, yet I feel I know them all by Heart. I experience them as joy bringers and light bearers, openheartedly putting Love and Care in ALL they do – Love in the little things. To share a word, a smile and space with them even for a moment is a real gift that I treasure. I am always uplifted, inspired  and lightened by their very Presence, something so simple yet so profound. It is wonderful to see them again!! They are healers and heroines in my eyes.

The Yellow Electric Seed year seems a golden opportunity to highlight this special brand of magic! What simple things can we each and all do from that Presence place of our essential beingness to lighten up the world? Feel into that in the coming weeks…

I had a seed idea, a little plan that I wanted to carry out before COVID hit. Lockdown made that next to impossible. The idea came back larger than life and feels even more right timed. It would break the ‘spell’ to share details because it must be done anonymously. I CAN share how it makes me feel. I feel great joy in my heart as I imagine putting love and care in the planning and carrying out of this little simple plan. My sincere desire and intention is that it uplift and inspire those whom it touches…and that they may pass that along…

With Love and Care in ALL we do

Magic is made, Grace pours through

May we all have the golden opportunity to be active participants in Re-Enchanting the World. with the Seeds of Love that we plant each day

July, 2021

with Love and Joyful Blessings


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