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The Thirteen Tones of Creation


In addition to the 20 Solar Tribes that express post-terrestrial Archetypal energy, both the 13 Moon Galactic Calendar System and the Longcount Calendar of the Yucatec Maya express movement through the 13 Tones of Creation. 


The thirteen tones rotate cyclically each day creating an energetic passage known as a wavespell; from 1-13 and back to 1 again when a new wavespell begins. 


Each day one of the 13 Tones is accompanied by one of the 20 Solar Tribes (also rotating cyclically 1-20 and returning to 1) creating 260 combinations in all. Each Solar Tribe/Tone combination is referred to as a Kin. There are 260 different Kin creating the Tzolkin Harmonic Module. You can see this pictorially on this LINK that will open into a new window


 There are also 13 Moons of exactly 28 days each year.


The 13 Tones of creation express the movement on our Journey through Life. A Dot and Bar system is used to reflect number, and the imagery itself (as well as number) can give clues about the inherent nature and quality of the tones that they symbolize.


The first tone is Magnetic symbolized by a Single Dot.  The Magnetic Tone expresses Unity, Wholeness, Source, Beginnings, All that Is, and establishes the tone and Purpose for what is to come…




The second tone, Lunar, divides from the One and is symbolized by 2 Dots expressing Polarity, Challenge, Balance, Cooperative Alliance, and Relatedness




A third aspect arises from the relating of the 2. Tone 3, Electric,  symbolized by 3 dots expresses Rhythm, Movement, Flow, Change, Creativity, Sacred Trinity, and  Activation…Third Point of Light - In 3 something entirely new can be created




The fourth tone. Self-Existing, symbolized by four dots gives form and defines and measures. Four Seasons, Four Directions, alignment with natural cycles, the square that lays a foundation: The Seed. Four is related to Substance.




The fifth Tone, Overtone, is symbolized by a solid line. This is a tone of Radiance, Empowerment and having a Solid Foundation of Self-Hood; a Center.




The Sixth Tone, Rhythmic, is the Tone of Organizing and Balancing – ever seeking ways to shift and adjust within the dance of life. The 5 of Self (Solid Line) experiences the world that exists beyond (Dot). We begin to understand life as an ever evolving Process; dynamic equilibrium that brings Essence into the present expression.




The Seventh Tone, Resonant, symbolized by two dots atop a solid line, is a tone of Selfhood (solid line) relating to the polarities with the Self and the Duality of the World (2 Dots) and finding the middle ground. 7 stands at the Center of the Thirteen tones ; Attunement to the Mystical that bridges Heaven and Earth and being that voice: to Channel, Inspire




The Eighth Tone, Galactic, is a tone of Harmonizing and Integrity. Symbolized by 3 dots above a solid line, this tone expresses Alignment with the greater Galactic Grid – Centered and Living what it Believes. The Galactic tone encourages living our ideals with the pliability to bend to meet others when personal attachments can be let go for the greater good.




The ninth Tone, Solar, is symbolized by 4 dots above a solid line – It is a tone of Expansion, Self-Mastery, Greater Cycles and one of Completion. The Seed Becomes ALL it can and was meant to be (holographically true to original intent ) offering its mastery to be woven upon the greater loom of reality.




The Tenth Tone, Planetary, is the Tone of Manifestation, Perfection and Producing. Symbolized by 2 Solid lines, one above the other, Planetary Tone indicates a self or energy that has matured and can self-actualize. Manifested Essence; True Identity; Motivation




The Eleventh Tone, Spectral, is a tone of dissonance, disintegration, and release. In letting go of what no longer serves, and what has defined, we discover core essence. Symbolized by one dot over 2 Solid lines its energy is that of clearing and change and true illumination





The Twelfth Tone, Crystal, is the tone of Complex Stability. Symbolized by 2 dots over 2 solid lines its energy is one of the essence Self unified with the mystical truth of Polarity. Stability as one expands and evolves, connectedness, Universality – a higher order of coordination and multifaceted complexity.






The Thirteenth Tone, Cosmic. Is the Tone of Presence, Transcendence and Freedom.  It is the tone of “taking magical flight”. Symbolized by 3 dots above 2 solid lines, the Cosmic tone is the Essence Self that transcends the notion of linear time. In 13 we are elevated beyond conditioned responses and responsive to Universal Movement, the workings of destiny and limitless new openings....






And then back to the Beginning - the All that IS of the Magnetic Tone.



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