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Dancing in the Land of the Inner Sun and Living Truth


Divine Child's Spirit Healing - Magician's Spirit Flow


Red Solar Moon July 26, 2014 – July 25, 2015

hand-drawn star glyph

by Aurora.

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About the Year


This New Year will be unfolding within the arms and Heart of Red Solar Moon, Kin 9 of the Dreamspell Tzolkin. Regardless of where you are on your journey, it feels as though this year has the potential for being an amazing year of HEALING and WHOLING, of SELF-REMEMBRANCE, of Expansions of Consciousness, of COMPLETION and for New Beginnings and of realizing Self and Self in Service in MAGICAL new ways.


Red Solar Moon supports the UNITY of ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’ Suns and underscores its importance, for what we shine without is fueled by and a reflection of the Glow from deep within. Powered by a ripened inner strength and the Wisdom earned so far on the journey through life, and Guided by the desire to Thrive and expend Life Force energy in ways that reflect what is truly in our Hearts, we find ourselves more committed than ever to Deep Emotional Healing.  Centered and from a firm foundation of Selfhood we may become increasingly inspired to face life challenges and changes with courage, releasing what no longer is working and purifying our body temples as we drink from Universal Waters that quench spiritual thirst.  



Through an openness to recognizing the Divine in all things we realize these changes and challenges as the Gifts that will ultimately set us free!  Soaring on the Wings of Spirit we are presented with opportunities to BECOME the change we wish to see in the world, and through example and our every action, we act as catalysts for ourselves and for others.


Knowing ourselves simultaneously as Children of the Stars and Children of the Earth, we may be inspired to Honor our ancestors with heart-felt gratitude for the past as we open to New Beginnings that are pulsed through our intentions.


 It will be a year when we may have opportunities to complete current levels of ‘self-mastery’, and/or offer that mastery to the world, as we move into ever greater cycles of becoming as individuals, and standing together with companions of destiny on the threshold of a New Day.


Red Solar Moon falls on the 9th (of 13) Day of Red Dragon Wavespell, suggesting that we may Shine our LIGHT for ourselves and others most fully by TRUSTING in the source of DIVINE NURTURANCE as we experience an ever greater AWARENESS of the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of all of LIFE and heed the call for EXPANSION, with ATTENTION to RIGHT TIMING.


In Ariel Spilsbury's book the accompanies the Mayan Oracle, she describes the star glyph for Red Moon in several ways, One

being "the protective sheath around the monolith that contains the cosmic seed". She then looks from a different perspective by turning the glyph upsidedown suggesting that it looks like "arms reaching out for Divine Guidance". She also suggests that right side up it resembles a beacon or transmitting station, linking it to the opening of the third eye. There are many levels of becoming within the archetype of Red Moon. Red Moon provides the protection until we are ready for the next phase and supports the opening and remembering when we are. Upside down the glyph also reminds me of a seed preparing for release.



It all reminds me, too,  of the butterfly's process as it grows from caterpillar, to cocooned one, through imaginal goo, to beautiful winged one and freedom,  honoring each new level of beingness, growth and completion. Each stage of the process is so critically important as is right timing. If a butterfly emerges without wings fully formed it cannot fly. Once the process is begun, there is  no turning back; DNA is permanently altered - once we as humans are truly awakened to something, things are never seen or experienced the same way again. Perception is permanantly altered. And we all must honor our own processes wherever we are and whatever they might be. I have learned through life that this process is ongoing once begun.


The harmonic wisdom of Red Moon is modulation, the harmonious passage from one key to another through the natural laws of growth.  As you read an excerpt from the Story of the 9th Clanmother Settng Sun Woman, by Jamie Sams, (further below) reflect on how this story may also connect to the journey from caterpillar to butterfly, the modulation of Red Moon and the Bigger Picture/Greater Cycles Story of the Solar Tone.


The Butterfly is a Gentle Transformer and a symbol of Joy, reminding us that New Stories don't have to always be painful and that joy and pain are not mutually exclusive but in actuality part of the spectrum of experience. New Stories can be ultimately joyful passages that we can consciously co-create each and together.  There's a song by Jana Stanfield called Butterfly that I feel called to share here - click on Janas name for a sampling of this beautiful and heart felt song that inspires and encourages us to Trust on all levels.



As we grow and evolve together each one of us is encouraged from within to take on that special role that we know in our Heart is ours to do at the present time. Whether that is a focus turned primarily inward on personal healing, or outward in service, or in balancing these in our lives we step into Universal Waters together  as we heal ourselves and Mother Earth and actualize the Art of Living. 



Keywords and Phrases


Some keywords and phrases associated with



Red Moon:


  • Signs

  • Signals

  • Purifies

  • Universal Water

  • Awakened Awareness

  • Flow

  • Self-Remberance

  • Godseed

  • Beacon

  • Cosmic Communication



Solar Tone:


  • Pulse

  • Realize

  • Intention

  • Greater Cycles

  • Completion

  • Expansion

  • Self-Mastery

  • Grand Design



Attention and Intention


When the Keywords ATTENTION and INTENTION are present, magic is bound to afoot.  As we pay attention to what is happening around us and within us we notice synchronicity. The more we pay attention to synchronicity, the more it appears to happen. The more we appreciate that synchronicity is the call of the Soul, connection to the Divine and the Mythic/Quantum dimension of our being, the more likely we become to honor and follow our Mythic Call. When we make that transition into desiring to live a Mythic Life, intention becomes an important piece. Attention activates the energy field (what we put our attention on grows stronger) and intention activates the information field that supports transformation and harnesses what we put our attention on. The more conscious we become of this dynamic the more we can create very specific and apparently magical outcomes. Intent has within it all it needs for its own fulfillment just a seed has within it all it needs for its flowering.



Sunset Peach/Coral


The color associated with Red Moon is sunset peach/coral. When invoking the energy of Red Moon, focus on and or visualize this warm and nurturing color energy. Feel the soft glow at your core, gently warming you with unconditional love and deep remembering. As the color moves outward through your body feel its love as a coursing river flowing gently from the source guiding you to exactly the right place in consciousness, showing you exactly what you need to know Now. Relax and flow, trust in the Magic of your own connection to the Divine.



Red Moon Year Begins with a New Moon in Leo


Here again we find a Solar/Lunar theme, as the New Moon in Leo (ruled by the Sun) is on July 26th, the first day of the Red Solar Moon Year. Besides being connected with the Sun, Leo has an intimate connection with both Neptune and Uranus through the energies of the Heart of the Sun (Neptune) and the Central Spiritual Sun (Uranus), according to the teachings of Djwal Khul, the Tibetan Master.


Key phrase for the sign Leo in esoteric astrology is The Light of the Soul. It is a sign through which the Will is developed and, through the process, attunement to Divine Will is realized. This is a holographic passage of weaving where we may individually and as a collective go through necessary phases of self-centeredness, self-centering and experiencing center of self; from birthing individuality, to fixation of individuality, and consecration of individuality. We may move back and forth in these realms and also have several levels occuring simultaneously in different areas of our lives as we move toward purification, acceptance, wholeness to intimately touch Divine Essence


Neptune being presently in the sign of Pisces (Universal Water/Red Moon) and Uranus in Aries, where the Sun is exalted brings even greater meaning and strength to the Completions and New Beginnings we’ve spoken about already. Aries and Pisces are the Alpha Omega of the Zodiac


Uranus and Neptune are two transpersonal planets and would be supportive of the move for more of us to heed our Mythic Call and to become Beacons here on earth birthing new Archetypes for the New Earth. To do so, however, requires doing and continuing to do the healing work personally and with great awareness and intention. May we all be committed to doing our part alchemizing within and without!


And let’s not forgot the warm and Joyful energy of Leo and have fun along the way! Dare to be open and vulnerable and let your heart shine through.  Live with a Joyful Roar of Purposefullness! Leo is also connected to the Child in us all and its connection to Neptune, the Divine Child that we all are and know ourselves to be…May we honor our innate innocence and sweetness of spirit and learn to love unconditionally.




Red Solar Moon and the Thirteen Original Clanmothers


Over the past couple of years I’ve been exploring Jamie Sams book the Thirteen Original Clanmothers and how it relates to the 13 Moon Gaian Natural Time Calendar. It has been a richly rewarding experience that I began together with a friend.


Instead of using the dates for the Moons as ascribed by Jamie Sams, I was prompted to align the Clanmother and Moon by number; The first Clanmother with the Magnetic (1) Bat Moon of Purpose that begins each year on July 26 and so on. It has been fun and enlightening to follow along with the Moons and Clanmother Stories in this way. To see the dates for the 13 Moon Cycles, click here.


It became apparent as well that there was a multidimensional weaving that connects the 13 Moons and Clanmothers in other ways too. As with all things it is important for each individual to find their own way and to be open to experiencing different lenses through which to view.


This entire Red Solar Moon Year (to me) feels to be linked with the 9th Clanmother Story, Setting Sun Woman. I can really feel the power of double 9 through the 9th archetype, Red Moon and the 9th Tone, Solar. And so I will be reflecting on this Clanmother all year, and in addition weaving her with the Stories I’ve associated with the other Moons…


The Thirteen Original Clanmothers by Jamie Sams is a rich tapestry of ageless wisdom stories with many levels of wisdom to be gleaned. Each time I read, I hear and understand something new. It’s a beautiful book and I’d highly recommend it whether or not you intend to work with the Thirteen Moon calendar.


In closing I’d like to share an excerpt from the 9th Clanmother Story: Setting Sun Woman who teaches us how to Live the Truth. Feel the connection, and if so inspired get the book if you don’t already have it and read the entire story.


We begin as the Evening Star, Wata-jis is speaking to the 9th Clanmother Setting Sun Woman pages 194-195


“Mother, you know that I am the Evening Star, but did you know that I am the Promise of tomorrow because I am also the morning star during 6 moon cycles?”


Setting Sun Woman was startled by Wata-ji’s revelation. “Why no, I did not know that” she replied.


“I become the morning star and ride the currents of the sunlit morning sky. For eight days during the 13 moon cycles, I am not seen in the morning or evening. It is during that time that I go into the void of the Great Medicine Bowl of the night sky to be reborn. I travel the Sacred Spiral of the eight powers, visiting the East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North, Northeast. I live for one Sun and Sleep in each of those directions, learning the steps of transformation that will teach me how to change my path and focus.


The Sacred Spiral leads from one Medicine Wheel to another. If we were to look at a wheel lying on the ground and another one a few feet directly above it in the same position, we would see two different circles of experience. The void in between the two is made of thin air, but there is an imaginary spiral of steps formed by each directions lessons. All life forms walk those spiral stairs when they are ready to evolve into their next set of life experiences.”


Setting Sun Woman thought a moment and then said


“Are you saying that each flower that buds and blooms and then sheds its petals would, at the end of its cycle, then go through eight Suns and Sleeps of lessons before moving to the next experience?”


“Yes, the Spiritual Essence of every living thing moves through the Sacred Spiral for eight Suns and Sleeps before beginning the next life cycle. It can be a time of reviewing the past, counting the lessons learned, and victories achieved. It can be a time of preparation and planting as well as a time of saying good-bye to the past and greeting the future. Many of the human tribe forget this period of completion, reaching their next set of life experiences either unprepared or out of balance. They encounter many difficulties when they do not honor the Void and the Sacred Spiral.”


“Wata-jis, when you go through the Sacred Spiral, what happens to you?


“I reconnect to my Orenda (Spirit) and let go of the past by being grateful for all I have learned. I see the spiral around me because I am in the center of my Sacred Space, but I also see the steps formed by each of the directions of the spiral inside myself. In the night sky I am living the feminine side of my nature. In the void of the spiral, I am all and nothing – pure spirit. After eight days, as the Morning Star, I live the masculine, demonstrative side of my nature. The directions of the Eight Powers inside the spiral teach me that I am both masculine and feminine. When I ride the night sky, I go within and seek the truth of my free will and my will to show my gifts to the world. As the morning Star I bring all those personal truths to light, sharing what I am with all those who seek the breaking dawn.”


~Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clanmothers




And so is the Journey of Morning Star and Evening Star who is also called Venus (who is to the Earth what the Soul is to the personality according to the esotericists) and whose orbit traces a 5 pointed Star in the Sky.


***On June 5th or 6th 2012 (depending upon which hemisphere you live in) the second pass of Venus over the face of the Sun (Occultation) took place. Interestingly, the Dreamspell Kin that fell on those days are Kin 8 Yellow Galactic Star (this years Day out of Time, July 25) and Red Solar Moon, Kin 9,that begins and names the Mayan New Year, July 26, 2014. Processes highlighted during that time may be coming up again for review, completion, new insights etc. Below is a link to an article on my blog written in June of 2012 that may be helpful to Review***


Venus: Creative Transformation and the Blending of the Divine Masculine and Feminine


Reflect on the numbers/tones 1, 5, 8 and 9, 13 and on 18 and White Mirror (Etznab) for further insights. Also, on the journey from Caterpillar to Butterfly.


***Ariel Spilsbury’s Mayan Oracle, A Galactic Language of Light, is a rich and deep resource for further reading about Red Moon and all 20 Solar Tribes and the 13 Tones of Creation


The 13 Moon Calendar is another incredible resource


Eventually much more will be added about the Solar Tribes and tones  – please check back again soon!


In Lak'ech


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