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Some Wonderful Links that may be of interest!


Mayan Related


Foundation for the Law of Time - "A new story is emerging from deep within the dream - a new culture is being born: Galactic Culture. Everything is changing quickly and we are being called to listen to the inner call and act accordingly"


Time Waves - beautiful insights on the Mayan Synchronic Order shared by Vasumi


13 Moon - Homepage of the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar and Eden and Robert Sky


Holographic Goddess - Homepage of Ariel Spilsbury, authoress of the 13 Moon Oracle, the Mayan Oracle, and teacher of Feminine Alchemy Practices


Planet Art Network - PAN is a globally autonomous world movement initiated by José Argüelles along with the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, in order to embody the New Time's philosophy of "Time is Art"


Mayan Kin - beautiful insights shared on the Mayan Synchronic Order by Mariella Maya


Resonant Truth - Homepage of deep insights on Mayan Cosmology by Lisa Star


Stargazer Li - Uniquely wonderful insights from an experienced Time Traveler





Alan Oken: Depth and Soul-Centered astrology bsed upon the teachings of the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul


Melanie Reinhart: Pioneering Authoress of Chiron and the Healing Journey


M. Kelley Hunter: Depth Astrology: an inspirational blend of psychology, spirituality and the mythic context of our lives


Shamanic Astrology


Cayelin K Castell: Shamanic Astrologer and Co-Founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School


Tami Brunk: Astrology for Earth Renewal


The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School: Home of Shamanic Astrology Teachings and Teachers : Daniel Giamario, Cayelin Castell, Tami Brunk,  Erik Roth


The Pluto School: Astrology - Mark Jones




Karinna Nielsen: Ancient Lemurian Wisdom for a Modern World


Terah Cox: "The most important thing we can do in this life is to discover the love and truth of who we are and then serve that up to the world again and again..." home of author, speaker, mentor, guide, and word-artist


SoulCollage© - official home of the process and practice


ASIACT - Aura-Soma© Color Care System Home


Songaia Sound Productions - Home of Ani Williams, Harpist, Singer, Composer, Sound Therapist, Pilgrimage Guide


Tom Kenyon, Sound Healer


The Gene Keys  "Rooted in ancient wisdom and offering a gentle contemplative path that is easy to follow, the Gene Keys are an oasis of calm in a fast-paced world. Here you will find paths of self enquiry that challenge, question and enlighten you about your true role in life."





Find Your Galactic Signature AND Loncount on this Handy Little Calculator 



Local (Cincinnati) Friends


Tarot Readings by Cathy Thomas

"Do you have a deep desire to better understand your current situation or your soul’s purpose? In a tarot reading with me I’ll guide you.  You will walk away from the reading with increased clarity and insight into your situation, a clear sense of what to do to move toward your goal, and the inspiration to take the next step. I am here to help empower you to handle your current situation or to take the necessary steps to live your soul’s purpose."


Sharon Finch Insights

Personal Consultation 

Having a personal consultation requires an understanding what Astrology is and what to expect from the service. Astrology is used for understanding ones potential, and how to best work within the time frames of one’s chart. 

Business Consultation - 

Astrology is all about timing, when to expand, when to sign a contract, new propositions, etc. I specialize in business Astrology and am currently a consultant for several small businesses.


Monica Vance Professionsl Hypnosis

"Hypnosis helps create a sense of peace and harmony so current challenges can be met and dealt with in a positive manner. 

The wonder of hypnosis is that it is usually effective in producing the changes you desire within a small number of sessions."


Forest House of Healing - Francine Haydon - Silverwolf Woman

reader, healer, teacher, writer, ghost investigator and travel agent.





Many more links will be added soon!


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