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Destiny Oracles


In the Dreamspell System there is a five fold energetic weaving that more specifically defines a galactic signature or code. Referred to as an Oracle by many practicing in this system, it is a way to more deeply explore your personal galactic signature and indeed the energies of any date.


Your Dreamspell Galactic Signature (Solar Seal + Tone) is coded by your month, day, and year of birth.  This would appear at the center and is marked Destiny on the diagram. that is further below, Directly below is an example of what your Galactic Signature might look like when combining the Solar Seal + Tone. I'll use.Blue Crystal (12) Eagleas an example . The Crystal or 12th tone is depicted as two lines one above the other and two dots above them. A page that pictures Tones and a little information about them can be found HERE. A basic list of the 20 Solar Tribes with Pictures and Keywords and the Mayan name for each can be found HERE 

Each Solar Seal/Tribe (there are 20) has specific other Solar Seals that create the squares marked Antipode, Analog, and Empowered Heart These 3 for the Destiny Kin (regardless of the tone of your Destiny Kin) never change.


What does change is the Tone of the bottom square, Empowered Heart.


For Example if you discovered that you had Crystal (12) as your Destiny tone, the Tone for 3 other of the Squares (Analogue, Antipode,  and Guide) would also be Crystal (12). The Tone for the bottom, your Occult-Wizardry square would be Lunar (2). This is because the tone count must add to 14, Since there are only 13 tones, there must be another tone (vibration) that together with the Destiny tone adds to 14


White Wizard is the 14th Solar Seal.of 20 and represents a movement beyond the 13 (tones) – so the 14 feels like the place at which a sense of empowerment, artistry, mastery, skill and magic making can be achieved enhancing the other members of the Destiny Oracle family; especially when the gift in the placement is consciously realized and embraced. It signifies being centered in Heart Wisdom


If your Destiny Kin has Overtone (5) for a tone then the bottom Occult-Wizardry position will have a Solar (9) tone because 5+9=14.


**If your Destiny Kin has Resonant (7) tone, then the botton Occult -Wizardry position

will also be Resonant (7) because 7 + 7 = 14**


The Guide Solar Tribe will also change, although it will always be the SAME COLOR as the Destiny Kin (Galactic Signature). The Guide’s tone will be the same as the Destiny Kin.


There is one exception. If your Destiny Tone is Magnetic (1), Rhythmic (6) or Spectral (11) there is a phrasing that states "Guided by my own power doubled" - meaning that the guide will be the Same as the Destiny Kin .


How to Find the Guide:


If the Destiny tone is 2 (lunar) , 7 (Resonant) or 12 (Crystal). count 12 Solar Seals forward from your Desity Seal


Lets use Blue Crystal  (12) Eagle as an example again. Since the tone is 12 Crystal, I'll want to first find Blue Eagle on the chart below. and then count 12 forward from it. Blue Eagle is the 15th Solar Seal/Tribe so begin with 16, Yellow Warrior,  and count 12 from there - you'd reach Yellow Sun and then begin at the top again at 1 - so, the Guide for Blue Crystal Eagle is Blue Crystal Hand (7). Remember that the Guide is ALWAYS the same color as the Destiny Kin - (these are both Blue so you know that you are on the right track) The Tone is ALWAYS the same. See if you can follow the process using the chart immediately below




A little further Below find a diagram that shows  a blank Destiny Oracle sheet and below it a filled in  Destiny Oracle sheet for Blue Crystal Eagle. Remember that the Antipode (left), Analog (Right)  and Occult-Wizardry (Below)  seals are always the same for Blue Eagle, Each Solar Seal/Tribe has their own Constant 3 that always remain the same.


More about that on Another Page


A Definition of Antipode: A direct or diametrical opposite


A Definition of Analog: Something that bears an analogy to something else




Red Dragon, White Mirror - Neptune


White Wind, Red Earth - Uranus


Blue Night, Yellow Warrior- Saturn


Yellow Seed, Blue Eagle - Jupiter


Red Serpent, White Wizard - Maldek (ancient planet that was destroyed. It is postulated that the asteroid belt is the result of Maldek's explosion)


White Worldbridger, Red Skywalker - Mars


Blue Hand, Yellow Human - Earth


Yellow Star, Blue Monkey - Venus


Red Moon, White Dog - Mercury

Blue Storm, Yellow Sun - Pluto



What do the Destiny Kin Family Members Mean?


Here are the Dreamspell names of the Oracle Positions and a little more about each of them. Some of the insights are those I have learned from others - while some are my own as I contemplate meaning for myself. There is great value in formulating your own meanings and framework while considering what others have shared. It is by no means a complete list or to be taken as truth. Its a door in to begin your exploration. There are many ways of connecting in both linear and intuitive fashion. I've found for myself that a combination of both works well  :-) Enjoy the journey!


To the Left is the Antipode that indicates a Challenge/Gift. As we grow we may develop skill in this area. Gaining mastery here builds  strength, confidence and greater balance. It could be viewed or felt as something missing or a quality needing to be used in a different way. Often it represents a major life lesson that we integrate in layers and that contributes in a significant way to our expanding consciousness. This placement can always be found by counting 10 forward from the Destiny Kin. If your Destiny Kin is Blue, the Antipode will ALWAYS be Red and vice-versa. If your Destiny Kin is White the Antipode will ALWAYS be Yellow and vice versa.


To the Right is the Analog, often indicating something that comes naturally and that feels supportive and familiar and often fun. Heres where we may go automatically for solace. We may even take these qualities for granted, or not realize, at first, that we have such a gift. Our experience here may be one of ease and grace. This Placement ALWAYS has the same Planetary affinity as the Destiny Kin. See a List of Planetary connections above. If your Destiny Kin is Blue, the Analog will ALWAYS be Yellow and vice-versa.. If your Destiny Kin is White, the Analogue will ALWAYS be Red and vice-versa. In the Blue Eagle sample below, Yellow Seed is the analog. Both Blue Eagle and Yellow Seed share a connection with the planet JUPITER.


Below is the Empowered Heart position. In Dreamspell it is referred to as Occult or Hidden Power. I've changed it to Empowered Heart because when its tone is added to the Destiny Kin's Tone,  together they add to 14.  White Wizard is the 14th Solar Seal and it is in its highest aspect rooted in the wisdom of the heart,  This placements quality/s can enhance the entire family and it is here that we gain mastery, and become empowered when the gift/s are consciously acknowledged and embraced. Tone suggests the way in which we move through life, and here we find an additional helpful mode that assists in dancing skillfully and riding waves with ease and grace. It could be that we have needed a different perspective here. Here we also may find foundational wisdom upon which we build the structures of our lives.  This placement could represent a way that others see us and a way in which we learn to see ourselves and/or a prime motivation (conscious or unconscious) - This power is found through mirrored reflection: Kins 1 and 20, 2 and 19, 3 and 18 etc, as if the column above were folded in half. Eventually an aha Heart-Knowing place.


Above is the Guide, the Spirit that simultaneously draws us Upward, Forward, Into the Earth, and Deeper Within - Centering Us - our Guiding Force, Higher Self, ALWAYS the same color as the Destiny Kin and the formula to find it is above


Destiny: (Galactic Signature) - Destiny in this Life - who we are and are Becoming - found using birthdate


(This Oracle Lens can be praticed with the NER aka New Earth Resonance (Longcount) and Heart Bridge Signatures as well. For a reference see this link for an explanation of the Weaving)


A Sheet like the one below is a good beginning place to familiarize yourself with your oracle Family and reflect on their relevance in your life. If you choose to begin working with these Kin regularly your understandings of the Solar Tribes, Tones, and how these outpictute in your life will deepen over time. You may begin to recognize qualities in others or energies in a day. What I have noticed as well is a growing awareness that we have access to all the energies of the solar tribes and tones.


It has been fun, expansive , illuminating journey that continues. I'd highly recomment the 13 Moon Calendar as well as Ariel Spilsbury's Mayan Oracle as a place to begin...both are potential steppingstones into your own vast and magical playground that you can costruct as you choose



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