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Sarah has provided me with comfort and insight during periods of profound shift and transition. Hesitant to explore astrology, I connected with Sarah and felt a sense of ease immediately. Her organization, intuition, ability to translate terminology in clear ways, approachability and sincerity are extraordinary.


The combination of Mayan and Western perspectives provide a creative and well rounded experience. Not only did she send me an in depth reading, one which I revisit consistently, we also had a phone call to review the reading and explore themes even further. After the initial reading, I felt more grounded, even as my life was changing dramatically. I had been given unshakeable insight through my interactions with Sarah and the reading she created.


I reconnected with Sarah after a few years for guidance and clarity, feeling on the precipice of another transformation. Once again , clarity and ease came. I have been empowered to trust myself more, release long held patterns that no longer serve my health and feed my creative side through my experience.


There is no dogma in the space Sarah creates, simply information and opportunity. Her dedication and knowledge are undeniable. I highly recommend treating yourself to a relationship with Sarah. She and I will definitely be connecting regularly from here forward. 


DL, California




The Visioning With Heart process has enabled me to open my heart to deeper levels of truth and love both for myself and for others.  Sarah is a true conduit of love and healing.  As she guides the process, Sarah fully supports while at the same time allowing the space and freedom for one to explore, create and feel at the deepest level of heart.  Visioning With Heart is a life changing process and Sarah is a beautiful gift to the world!


Rose Meenach - Spiritual Life Coach


If you have an opportunity to attend Visioning with Heart, jump on it! It can be a life changing experience.


Sarah as a facilitator is extradordinary. Her energy is warm, nurturing and giving, She creates am environment that is a safe haven, a good place to share. Visioning with Heart is an incredible way to dive deeply into your own psyche and come up with golden nuggests of wisdom, shining jewels of personal insight and a fuller more complete understanding of self. I'm grateful for the many life-changing experiences I've had


And, lest I sound too serious, Visioning with Heart is just plain fun!  :-)


Helene, Cincinnati, Ohio







"Working with Sarah has offered me so many insights into my own creativity and ability to tap into the unknown through the collage process. I had done some soul collage work in the past but this process to me as well as Sarah’s reflections felt much more intuitive. I love how she creates a safe space for me to express my thoughts and feelings and then gently offers a powerful reflection. I tend to enjoy creating cards on new moons or full moons and all of the cards I have created with Sarah’s amazingly curated materials felt like they have foretold a story of the coming months which are revealed to me over time. Sarah definitely has a gift when guiding people to connect to their own intuition and creativity through this powerful modality."


Manisha Tare, Emotional Healing Guide 




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