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Loominosity Newsletter Archives

Access past and current issues of my monthly newletter by clicking on the links below. You can also sign up for the newletter by clicking the Sign Up Now button at the bottom of any edition



Issue 1: Day Out of Time


Issue 2: Lunar Scorpion Moon


Issue 3: Electric Deer Moon


Electric Deer Moon Clarification Letter


Issue 4: Self Existing Owl Moon of Form


Issue 5: Overtone Peaock Moon of Radiance


Issue 6: Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance and Equality


Issue 7: Resonant Monkey Moon of Attunement


Issue 8: Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity


Issue 9: Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention


Issue 10: Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation and Embodied Essence


Special Edition - Liberating Heart Seeds


Issue 11: Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation


Issue 12: Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation


Issue 13: Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence


Special Edition: Day Out of Time, 2015


Issue 14: The Planetary Wizard Year and Bat Moon of Purpose


Issue 15: The Lunar Scorpion Moon of the Gifts in Polarity and Reflection


Issue 16: The Electric Deer Moon of Service, Creativity and Love made Visible


Issue 17: The Self Excisting Owl Moon of Form


Issue 18: The Overtone Moon of Radiance


Issue 19: The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance


Issue 20: Mystical Power and the Breath of Spirit: Moon 7


Issue 21: Integrity, Healing and Inspired Creativity: Moon 8





I am surprised. delighted, and deeply grateful to have received this 2015 ALL STAR AWARD from Constant Contact for the publications and announcements from Loominosity. Thank You so much to everyone on my small yet growing mailing list who have helped me to receive this recognition and inspiration to continue to create and share

Issue 22: Special Edition - New Seed Cycle


Issue 23: Special Edition New Seed Cycle - Part 2 - Color and Pattern


Issue 24: Day Out Of Time Edition 2016 - The Stargate of your Heart


Issue 25: Day Out of Time 2018 


Issue 26Red Cosmic Moon Year


Issue 27: Day Out of Time 2019


Issue 28: Catalyzing Play -  Be the Center around which Chaos Dances July 2020

Issue 29: Becoming the Change - Yellow Electric Seed Year July 2021



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