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Weaving Dreamspell and Longcount aka New Earth Resonance


Synchronicity and the Magical Web of Connection


For quite some time now I've been considering both the Dreamspell Galactic Signature and what has been called the Longcount  from the traditional Mayan calendar each day. To me they represent the Particle (longcount) and Wave (Dreamspell) of the Quantum Theory, Yang and Yin, Eagle and Condor. Root and Crown chakras, Physical and Imaginal, the Doing and Being,  of life - Both And - rather than either/or. To work with these energies has been very opening and I have felt a sense of increasing attunement over time.


(If you are not familiar with these systems and terms there will be much more added to my website in the near future and there is much available online. Find resources as well on the links page at


Just a few days after the Day Out of Time last year (July 25 2013) , my friend Mili and I were sitting at a table doing some daily writing and working with the Mayan Archetypes. We had constructed charts for the Grand Sextile configuration that took place on July 29 and had added glyphs for the Mayan Kin to each of the 12 houses of our astrology charts. The kin we added were those linked with our Dreamspell and Longcount wavespells for our individual day month and year of birth.  A wavespell is 13 days long, so the kin associated with each day would be placed into the corresponding numbered house of a chart wheel - day 1, house 1, day 2 house 2 etc. The thirteenth is placed at the center.


We then began adding the numerical values of the 2 kin residing in each house that represented the Dreamspell and Longcount signatures arriving at a 3rd kin. Each Kin (Tone and Solar Tribe Combination) has a number from 1-260 represented in the Tzolkin Harmonic Module. The third Kin felt like a bridging energy, one that would assist in connecting the Root and Crown chakras. The 3rd Kin felt like it was representative of Heart energy that harmonized. Tone 3 in this System is called Electric and it is a tone of motion, rhythm, change, flow, creativity and INTEGRATION; and also an energy of service.


After two. three creates the triangle seeking to become the 3rd point of Light. It sees the gift in polarity (2) and in 'other', in Yin and Yang, and creates something beautiful and new from this place of understanding. A phrase from Ariel Spilsbuy's beautiful writing in the Mayan Oracle says of 3: 'Luminous triangle made visible, feel the pulse of the sacred current calling you home'


In reflecting upon the significance that the 3rd Kin had for each one of us personally, we both felt that there was something very valuable in this mode of considering.


And so from that day forward I've been considering all 3. Mili came up with a new term for long-count which I have also adopted: New Earth Resonance aka NER. For our New Earth in the making,  it did not feel fitting to discount the ancient energy, yet instead to bring it forward in NEW STORY (and resonant) ways!


So Three Kin Considered


1. Dreamspell Galactic Signature (from the 13 Moon Calendar): Imaginal: Crown


3. The addition of 1 and 2 - Heart Bridge (and if over 260, 260 subtracted from it)


2. NER (Longcount from the traditional Mayan Calendar) which feels important in the grounding and integration of our life's purpose and energy in the world. Physical/ /Phenomenal /Root


While writing my first newsletter for the Day Out of Time and to birth this website Loominosity into being, I was considering all 3 of the kin I would normally consider each day. At that point I had not considered including the Celebratory message from Jackrabbit that you will find below in my first newsletter.


Below is an example of the 3 kin considered - for the day out of Time, July 25th, 2014.


8 + 221 =229

On January 7, 2014, Mili and I held an introductory workshop on Dreamspell wavespells, one of the processes within the process of working with the 13 Moon Calendar.  (There will be info published here about wavespells soon.)  We've included collage in the workshops we have done. The imagery and color have powerful impact on the experience and the learning. 


I realized later that day after the workshop was over that the card I made during it was #260 in my SoulCollage deck. That is the number of Kin in the Mayan Tzolkin Harmonic Module, so I then would have a card to represent each one!  #260 is Yellow Cosmic Sun, and it is a Kin that plays a significant role for me as a Heart Bridge energy. 


I'm not always the most organized person in the world, yet for some reason it felt very important to me to number and date every SoulCollage card that I made since I began.  I'm thrilled that I was called to more organization by something that I love. Doing so has brought me a multitude of great gifts.


 From that day of creating and realizing card #260 forward,  I began including the collage cards that I had created that corresponded numerically to the specific Kin I consider each day for additional insights and guidance. Any additional cards I've created are serving to make the round of Kin again: 1 is considered with 261 and so on. The process has been very enlightening.


Upon discovering what collage card was #221, the New Earth Resonance for the day (Root Chakra connection, grounding connection) thus linked with Red Cosmic Dragon (nurtures, birth, being and universal movement) , I had to smile. It was none other than Rabbit (a Totem animal connected with Yellow Star) (below) who is  decorated with all 20 Solar Tribe glyphs and encouraging all to take the leap in whatever ways feel right and resonant  while encouraging me to include the Card in this Newsletter as well as confirming that it indeed feels like right timing to take the leap and to birth something new like this website and newsletter, Loomisosity.


The cards associated with the other Kin feel meaningfully connected as well. I'll write more about working with the imagery and archetypes together on the website soon. Working in this fashion has given me a sense of my own personal relationship with the archetypal energy as well as additional insights into the archetypes themselves.


Please find below the Text and Imagery from my first newletter that was sent on the Day Out of Time, July 25, 2014





Happy Day Out of Time! On this day of Celebrating "Time is Art" how will you choose to Paint your Day and Embody the Art of Living?


The Day Out of Time comes to be through combining the 13 Moon Gaian Natural Time Calendar with the Gregorian Solar based calendar that we have become used to following. The 13 Moon calendar (having 13 moons (lunar 'months') of 28 days each, equaling 364 days 'fits inside' the Gregorian Calendar with one extra day. So when Following the 13 Moon calendar, day 365 becomes the Day Out of Time. The new year begins tomorrow on July 26th.  This new year will be the year of Red Solar Moon. Inscribed in the Calendar itself is the following about the Day Out of Time:


"In the spirit of festival, this internationally celebrated holiday promotes themes of forgiveness, atonement, artistic celebration of life, community.  "Peace through Culture," and "Time is Art!"  The Day Out of Time is now an official holiday in over 70 Brazilian cities alone, including Sao Paulo - the 2nd largest city in the world!  Changing the calendar to a system of harmony is uniting people all around the planet, transcending boundaries of nation or religion, as a Global Culture of Peace."



text from the 13 Moon Gaian Natural Time Calendar



Today is a Yellow Galactic Star Day in the System of Dreamspell, 8th kin of the 260 kin that comprise the Mayan Harmonic Module known as the Tzolkin. It's wonderfully supportive energy for this years Day Out of Time and fabulous Portal into the Red Solar Moon year. The energy of Yellow Galactic Star calls on us to be aware of and contribute to the beauty in every day life. Art is not only about tangible  pieces we create or music we sing and play etc (although it certainly includes that).


Art is an expression of the way in which we choose to live our lives.


May we all become HARMONY as we live our ideals elegantly and in integrity with our own values as well as bending to meet others when there are personal attachments that we can let go of for the greater good.


 Kin 8 - Yellow Galactic Star (Lamat)


I harmonize in order to beautify

Modeling Art

I seal the store of elegance

with the galactic tone of integrity

I am guided by the power of free will 


Yellow Star as an archetype also urges us to step beyond known boundaries - to take the leap into

un-patterned potential and into a whole new way of being...



 In the Spirit of Festival,

Here's Lamat aka Rabbit aka Yellow Star

with a Day Out of Time Message

Card #221 in my SoulCollage deck thus representative of Red Cosmic Dragon in the way I'm associating,

the Longcount/NER signature for the day.


Rabbit is a totem associated with Yellow Star. Below is Rabbits already written message as an I Am One Who in SoulCollage style


I am the one who bounds Joyfully into your life,

offering you new ways of perceiving reality.

I'm here to remind you that my post terrestrial wisdom

provides a deep and rich crumb trail for Soul.


My Star Portal promises expanded Love and

Unimaginable Beauty and Fun.

Free yourself to take the Leap.


Follow your Heart - the Eternal Flame will light your way!



Thank you for visiting! More about weaving these systems coming soon!



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