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Powering Up and Attuning

Galactic Heart - Our Hearts - Heart of Earth


Powered by a growing ability to attune ourselves to Earth Force and Cosmic Force and to Navigate from that Aligned Internal Knowing, we have the potential to Activate the Power of Flowering in New, Rewarding, and Magical ways, Reborn with a Deep Trust in Life, Blooming, Growing...and having Fun along the Way!


It brings me great joy to share with you some of what I have discovered on my own journey

with the sincere desire that it will be of value to you as well in creating and supporting your own .


How does your Garden Grow?


What I can offer to support YOU and your Journey




Visioning with Heart


Visioning with Heart is a Fun and Eclectic Collage Process that supports creativity and creative freedom, deep heart knowing, sharing, play, and giving form to inspiration


Inspired by a variety of systems and practices like SoulCollage®, the Aura-Soma Color Care System and my own work within them, Visioning with Heart draws from these and the inspirations and focuses of every participant.


Each and together we depart on a magical journey of creating, planting golden seeds of possibility that may inspire writing, new direction, deeper understanding, changes of perspective,  clarity, and  greater skill in dancing in the ever fluctuating river of life.


Visioning with Heart is a FUN way of stirring your creative cauldrons and dreaming our lives into being.


Find more information about Visioning with Heart Here


Sacred Symmetry Soundscapes

Individual and Group Soundbaths, in person in Cincinnati, Ohio and online



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