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At least for now, while in the process of

re-weaving and repurposing my life,

Visioning with Heart

is the only Service that I'm offering, not any type of reading. I do plan on continuing to share through writing here at Loominosity!


Powering Up and Attuning

Galactic Heart - Our Hearts - Heart of Earth


Powered by a growing ability to attune ourselves to Earth Force and Cosmic Force and to Navigate from that Aligned Internal Knowing, we have the potential to Activate the Power of Flowering in New, Rewarding, and Magical ways, Reborn with a Deep Trust in Life, Blooming, Growing...and having Fun along the Way!


It brings me great joy to share with you some of what I have discovered on my own journey

with the sincere desire that it will be of value to you as well in creating and supporting your own .


How does your Garden Grow?


What I can offer to support YOU and your Journey



  • Trinity of Kin: A Magical Life Path Journey

  • Update on Your Magical Life Path

  • Trinity of Kin Birth Colors

  • Visioning with Heart: Group and Small Group Gatherings and Individual Sessions

  • Voice Spectrum Analysis



Trinity of Kin: A Magical Life-Path Journey


Weaving Dreamspell and the Ancient Mayan Longcount, this Journey exploration promotes Self-Remembrance, Personal Empowerment, and finding your place in the Larger Story. Discover the “Trinity of Kin”, the Energetic Archetypes and Tones that were influencing on your date of birth and how YOU might utilize them to live most consciously and authentically.

The Trinity is spacious, encourages choice, and seems to bloom most fully when engaging the depth of YOUR own Understanding. Heart, and Vision.


You may come to more deeply understand the Heart and Soul of what has driven your Journey so far and find keys to further unfolding your Essence Self.


Such Journeying is a Fun, Opening, Deepening, and Empowering way to experience the magic of working and playing to explore creating Heaven on Earth and the unique expression that is the Art of your Life!


What does this Journey Include?


A Trinity of Kin Magical Life-Path Journey Reading includes your Trinity of Kin placements rich in information and metaphor, Western Astrology referencing, some color connections, possible image exploration, as well as resource and life-relevant suggestions and support for the ongoing Journey that you co-create.


In Cincinnati Ohio: In person 75 minute connection with recorded discussion e-mailed as MP3, the opportunity for questions and comments, written material and resources



Long Distance: Written material e-mailed, follow-up live phone connection, the opportunity for questions and comments, and resource suggestions



Update on your Magical Life-Path Journey


If you’ve already discovered your Trinity of Kin and have explored the Magical Life-Path Journey and would like a current update on the energies at play, this is the choice for you. Discover more about the energy of your current personal year and how all relates to your Trinity Birth Blueprint to optimize your experience of being and doing.


In Cincinnati Ohio: In person 60 minute connection with recorded discussion e-mailed as MP3, the opportunity for questions and comments, some written material for referencing



Long Distance: Written material e-mailed, follow-up live phone connection, the opportunity for questions and comments, and resource suggestions


Trinity of Kin Birth Colors: Additional Keys to Essence Unfolding


When considering the Trinity of Kin, the Solar Tribes (Keys to Essence) and the Tones (Keys to how essence moves through Life), the combinations create color vibrations that can prove valuable and supportive. Although by far not the only colors that you will engage on your journey, and potentially not the colors that you would choose, discovering these may bring new insight, and support you in engaging the full rainbow spectrum of color and energy in your life.


Learn what these colors are for you through the Trinity of Kin lens and discover and create ways in which to use them.


It is not necessary to have had a Magical Life Path Journey session to learn about the colors. The colors speak for themselves! This exploration goes more deeply into the color than does the Life-Path Journey and does not include depth reflection upon the Kin themselves..


In Cincinnati Ohio: In person 60 minute connection with recorded discussion e-mailed as MP3 with an illustration of the colors


Long Distance – Written material with explanations and illustrations of colors – the opportunity for questions and phone connection


Voice Spectrum Analysis


“The person who has found the keynote in their voice has found the key to their life.” Sufi Hazrat Khan


Everyone has a unique voiceprint that can be charted with voice analysis. Ideally we’d wish to embrace the entire spectrum of note possibilities. Most often there are missing or weak notes in our voiceprint. Identifying what these are and using methods to incorporate and strengthen weak or missing tones is healing and empowering. The methods are simple and fun and can make a dramatic difference in your life.


Especially audibly sounding these tones (called toning), has been found to have the following effects:


  • Releases ‘feel good’ endorphins and supports healthy immune system function


  • Nourishes and harmonizes the physical and emotional bodies

  • Assists in releasing limiting belief systems, stress and general dis-ease

  • Alters brain waves, inducing alpha-theta states associated with healing

  • Creates coherent mind-heart-body rhythms and a sense of being centered and balanced

  • Expands creativity, vision, and clarity, opening a gateway for freedom


 Session includes voice analysis using a microphone and chromatic tuner, an exploration of color and astrological significance and a personalized plan to assist in sounding and expressing a richer harmony through your voice and in your life


In Person in Cincinnati  - $85.00

Visioning with Heart


Visioning with Heart is a Fun and Eclectic Collage Process that supports creativity and creative freedom, deep heart knowing, sharing, play, and giving form to inspiration


Inspired by a variety of systems and practices like SoulCollage®, the Aura-Soma Color Care System and my own work within them, Visioning with Heart draws from these and the inspirations and focuses of every participant.


Each and together we depart on a magical journey of creating, planting golden seeds of possibility that may inspire writing, new direction, deeper understanding, changes of perspective,  clarity, and  greater skill in dancing in the ever fluctuating river of life.


Visioning with Heart is a FUN way of stirring our creative cauldrons and dreaming our lives into being.


Group and Small Group “General” Gatherings and Individual and Individualized Sessions. Sessions can be designed around Specific Topics and Interests. Contact Me for more information