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13 Moon Patterns in Red Solar Moon year and Beyond


Since March 1, 2012, there has been a pattern unfolding when considering the 1st and last days of each 28 day 13 Moon Cycle from the standpoint of both the Dreamspell and Longcount Signatures and a Synthesis of the two that  I call the Trinity of Kin.  The Dreamspell calendar is a revised modern version of the more traditional Mayan Longcount.


These counts seem to represent individually the Imaginal Visionary Realm linked with the Crown Chakra (Dreamspell) and the Phenomenal Earth  Realm (Longcount aka New Earth Resonance) connected with the Root Chakra. Together they hold clues about the energy of the moment that has potential to bring Heaven to Earth. A third Kin, the Ecstatic Realm Heart Bridge is found through combining the 2 - an energy of harmonizing.


Since March 1, 2012, the Solar Tribe (Mayan Archetype) for the Dreamspell position on the first day of each of the 28 day 13 Moon Cycles is repeated in the New Earth Resonance (Longcount) position on the last day of each Moon Cycle. This mirroring seems to suggest that there has been energetic support for and perhaps an inner urging within us to create "Heaven on Earth" and balance the Yin and Yang, Being and Doing of our lives.


I've created a Diagram for the Dreamspell Red Solar Moon Year specifically that began on July 26, 2015 and that will end on July 24 2016. (further below), The asterisks mark the Solar Tribe Mirroring. The tones (bars and lines} are different, Note the color pattern as well as each first day is Pale Violet when the 3 Kin are combined, and the last day of each moon a Coral Day when the 3 Kin are combined


This particular pattern seems to express through Solar Seal and Color the process of putting our insides outside. highlighting the move toward Authentic Expression in the World of Form that is inherently transformative by its very nature. I'd bet most of us have felt it.


It was exciting to see more tangibly via SolarTribe and Color the energetic support of this Cycle of Becoming and Unfolding that we have been experiencing as I work my own process in the weaving of systems.   


Below is an image of all 13 Moons in this Red Moon Year Cycle. The Dreamspell (Imaginal Realm) Solar Tribe on the 1st day of each moon is repeated in the Longcount (Phenomenal Realm/Root Chakra position) on the last day of each Moon. These “bookends” for this Moon are all in the Color Red.


The Bookending has been happening since March 1st, 2012, a leap-year. Leap Years effect the particular Solar Tribes that ‘show up’ together each day if considering Dreamspell and Longcount (New Earth Resonance) together. At each Leap Year on March 1st of that year, 20 new 3-fold combinations of Solar Tribes will rotate together through a four year cycle until March 1st of the Next Leap Year. The reason for this is explained in the article Seed Cycles of Yellow Hueman.


The Bookending Symmetry will continue into the White Planetary Wizard year. but the color correspondences will change. The Symmetrical Pattern that has been unfolding since March 1 2012 will shift into a whole new pattern on March 1 2016. More about that soon


I'll be writing more about this pattern and other patternings that occur within it in the coming months - Thank you for visiting and taking the time to explore!


An image of the Bookends in Play this Red Solar Moon Year is below in addition the the larger diabgram: Find Keywords and a bit more about the Red Solar Tribes HERE and find an article on RED SOLAR MOON YEAR



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