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Paint the Day!

(A Poem/Story of Hope, Magic, Empowerment and Bridging Worlds)

"This satisfies my urgent need for solitude”, Kaya thought to herself

as she sat quietly on a tree stump deep in the forest.

The scents of pine and honeysuckle hung delightfully heavy in the air. 

Treetops bowed to some invisible entity as the wind whistled past
sounding notes she faintly recognized.  Kaya watched and listened, mesmerized.


So deep was the connection she felt to earth and heaven,
both seemed to merge in iridescent hues, swirling spiraling designs
that melded with the remnants of long-forgotten dreams. 


All motion ceased and a bridge stood before her with a sign pointing
that read ‘To The Future’. 

Millions of bubbles rising from a stream below floated around the bridge,  dancing on the breeze.

Extending her arm with open hand, a delicately formed sphere
came to rest on her palm. 

It seemed to breathe, then to vibrate, and bursting open, a tiny fairy appeared!


“Who are you?” Kaya questioned her, surprised.

“I am”, she replied, “Does it matter who?
Isn’t the fact that I am enough for you?” 

“Well….um” Kaya stammered, at a loss for words. 

“Follow me!” said the Fairy with dainty wings drumming the air.

And so Kaya followed that captivating creature, so bold and yet so small;
that tiny fantasy, or was she?
(real or the makings of a broken mind or an overactive imagination?)
across the bridge to the other side. 


What lie beyond the bridge, much to Kaya’s dismay, was a vast, vast space filled with unidentifiable

shape-shifting forms in spectra grey;
nothing at all like the glorious colors and designs that she had seen just ¼ mile behind.

“So this is it?”, Kaya thought. “Interesting, no doubt…
but so drab, so vague, and certainly not what I had envisioned”.

And that tiny little being who somehow knew, said as she handed Kaya a rainbow colors palette

and paintbrush with crystal handle:
“Paint the day, I have uncovered the Way, the rest is up to you!”

She then quickly withdrew into a circle of vibrant light,
scattering fairy dust before its radius diminished and disappeared from sight.


Kaya was again aware of the tree stump, the honeysuckle, and the pine.  “How long have I been sitting here?”

she thought aloud,
“It must be way past early afternoon”. 

Feeling something in her pocket, she reached inside, pulling out a paintbrush with a finely-faceted crystal handle. 

Kaya held it up in front of her, enchanted as the setting sun’s rays
became refracted beams splayed into exquisite rainbow patterns at her feet.




Giving thanks to Earth Mother and to the Heavens above, Kaya took a deep breath and looked toward the Setting Sun.

And as she stood with bared feet upon Gaia she felt her own Heartbeat and that of Gaia’s Aligning as One.

Breathing out, the Galactic Heartbeat of all Heartbeats reverberated through her being as the wind whispered

“See with the eyes of your feet, hear the Silence within, Know in the chambers of your Heart”. 

She felt a magical inner alignment as she centered in this special moment – the Eternal Present Moment - Now.


The colors of the rainbow, formed from the light of her new awareness shining through the showers of her experience,

renewed her trust in the process of life.


Glorious colors true and perfect “in-the-moment” interwoven patterns and shapes

began flowing effortlessly from that magical crystal handled brush she still held in her hand, glowing in


RED for Courage, Rootedness, Passion, Strength and Awakening

ORANGE for Dedication, Creativity, Bliss, Well-Being and Confidence

YELLOW for Clarity, Joy, Light and Laughter

GREEN for Spaciousness, Generosity, Feeling, Open-Heartedness, and Healing

BLUE for Communication, Peace, Serenity, Trust, and Faith

INDIGO for Sensitivity, Mysticism, Meditation, Seer-ship, and Inner Authority

VIOLET for Service, Spirituality, Inspiration, and Transformation..


…and the mixing of these 7 colors in combination together and with additional light produced a

Creative Cauldron of Infinite Possibility

swirling in coral, magenta, turquoise, rose pink, pale lavender, pale green and pink, gold and so many more.


“This is a delightful dream come true” Kaya smiled softly to herself

as she stirred this creative cauldron joyfully and with a new confidence.


She vowed to be the best “Earth Keeper” she knew how to be, always showing up for life to contribute authentically to Each Day.

For truly she knew that each day is a new beginning and a gift to celebrate and to share.


Standing firmly on the earth, in touch with body, mind, emotions, spirit and the one Heart that unites all,

Kaya ceremonially lit 3 candles floating atop water in a faceted crystal bowl filled with multicolor gems

and beautiful shells from the sea.


As she blew deep notes from a queen conch she could feel magic in the air

and smell the Ocean in the distance. She bowed her head quietly in gratitude and meditation

until the flames took their final fiery breath before fizzling into the clear pure water beneath.


 Feeling a stirring from deep within, Kaya laughed out loud

and skipped away on the forest path where the scents of Pine and Honeysuckle still hung delightfully heavy in the air. 

She felt born anew as she made her way to the golden sand of the shoreline in the distance.


Awake now in the Dream, she would join the Conscious Dreamers, re-storying, reweaving. repurposing,

learning, caring for, sharing, loving, growing together on Earth, our Home.

Sharing, each one, our gifts and support; Sacramentally Rooted, All, and in Universal Flow.


“Heaven is where I/We stand” she said aloud as stood facing the vastness of the turquoise Ocean,

waves caressing the Coral Reef ahead, an eternal flame alight in her heart.


© Sarah Gallant


The first part of this story was written in either 1999 or 2000. The original version ended 

at the dotted line that you see and had a different ending... 


. It has been fun and meaningful to refind Paint The Day,  to feel its in the moment relevance, 

and to write a new and different ending to a storyline that I feel certain will continue…


With Love and

In Lak’ech



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