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Further Reflections on the Trinity of Kin in the Yellow Electric Seed Year

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Earth and Sky Way: Weaving Rainbows

I am (we are) a Vessel opening myself (ourselves)

so that Creation may Lovingly

express herself through me (us)

As I reflect upon the threesome of the Trinity of Kin year after year since 2013 (when the Heart Bridge was born) , my appreciation for this way of viewing grows. It feels to honor the wisdom and perspective of the indigenous way while creating anew in present time. It feels to address the immediacy of the 3D reality we live in and simultaneously express the Dream Seeds and Vision of what may be. It feels to bridge the finite and the infinite within us, where both exist together in Union beyond all time and space as we know it; a magical potential awaiting the right time to burst forth, to blossom.

One aspect that popped out to me in this years reflection is how ordered patterns of growth support quantum leaps, and how quantum leaps take the ordered pattern to another level and frequency where yet another ordered pattern can begin. 

A seemingly simple message to Trust ourSelves, our cells, and our processes implicitly, perhaps more than ever before, is embedded here, with a directive for even greater devotion and commitment, love and care.

We are coming to realize, and are being shown more and more, the profound interconnectedness of ALL of life.  The choices that we make individually are guiding and shaping our collective destiny. Challenging times may continue yet while facing these, consider embracing the opportunity to hold this seed thought: One day we’ll look out into the garden and exclaim “My, how our garden has grown lush and full and heavenly”.

Yellow Electric Seed Year  Final2.jpg

The Trinity of Kin

Here are further details and connections for those who appreciate this type of exploration:  

Yellow Electric (3) Seed

As the significator for the incoming Dreamspell Year, Yellow Seed inspires us to give form to our Dreams and Visions. Some keywords for yellow seed include seeding manifestation, self-germination, gestation,  possibility erupting, and fertile ground. There’s a process here and nurturing and tending with patience and love is required for the seed to Blossom. Pure intention is quickened through communion and alignment with Spirit. The Electric (3) tone lends creativity and flow.  

Just as a sunflower seed contains within it all that is necessary for its future blossoming, so we too contain the seed of our highest potential, even if it at first is unconscious. As we move through life on a spiral through cycles and seasons and lifetimes of growth, we learn that we are the ones, in communion with Spirit, who awaken our own dreams and visions, We are the fertile ground!

You’ll see, reading on, how both Blue Cosmic (13) Night and Blue Planetary (10) Storm simultaneously support and challenge us in whatever phase/s of the Seed process that we are in.. There is a beautiful interplay and synergy and an ultimate Alchemy amongst these three Kin that engenders possibility erupting…and within and amongst their associated Gene Keys as well.

Further Details to explore :

Yellow Seed is connected to the element Fire, the South Direction, and the planet Jupiter. On July 26th Jupiter is transiting Retrograde at 0 Pisces 15. That places it in Gene Key 55 known as  the Dragonfly’s Dream. The Shadow expression of Gene Key 55 is Victimization, the Gift is Freedom, and the Siddhi is also Freedom.

The Life Cycle of a Dragonfly could be seen as parallel to the journey of the Seed. The Dragonfly spends its life first as an egg and then as a water nymph, completely submerged. The water nymph phase lasts about 2 years. During this time it eats and eats until one day the nymph is prompted from within to do something it has never done before. It climbs out of the water and onto a reed – it has never, until then, ever breathed the air. As it rests on the reed, the Sun warms its body that is filled with water. The combination of the Sun and water (rainbow alchemy) propels its wings to open. The adult Dragonfly then takes flight and is never the same again. It can never go back to what it was. It does remain close to the water, yet now it is a creature of the Air that has been empowered by the interplay of water and fire (the Sun) and its prior life experience when it consumed unconsciously then perhaps ever more consciously what was necessary for its survival and growth.

In Richard Rudd’s book Gene Keys, Unlocking The Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA he writes of the 55th Gene Key and the mutation it carries:

“Beginning in 2027, our planet will begin falling silent into a state of awe. Between 2012 and 2027, a core awakening fractal of humanity  will lay the foundations of a new world that will, over many generations, reshape this planet from the inside out. Old systems will crumble as the new order arises unscathed within their midst. This time will mark the phase of recreating Eden which never left this planet but remained as an energetic blueprint. Harmony and melody will be synthesized here in a divine universal rhythm. For the first time humanity will hear and be the virtuoso soloist in the great symphony of the spheres. At a certain point in our future we will finally discover the wonder of simply being. There will really be nothing left to do on earth but enjoy the garden – something our species has not yet managed to do”

Gene Key 55 begs the question: What does Freedom mean to you, to us? Where in our lives don’t we feel free?


Blue Cosmic (13) Night

As Heart Bridge, Blue Cosmic (13) Night suggests that an exponential heart expansion and radical frequency shift is possible. Keywords for Blue Night include abyss, mystery, serenity, dreamtime, dreamfield matrix, the stillness that is the dancing, sanctuary, darkness.

 This energy supports ridding the self of residual self-doubt, self-judgement, feelings of inadequacy, and the consciousness of lack,  and  a movement into Radical Self Love, Radical Acceptance, Radical Trust, and immense Gratitude.  It asks us to be willing to dive deeply to find new Treasures buried in the hidden depths of our hearts.

 As we all know there are some extremely serious issues playing out on  the world stage right now and in people’s personal lives too.  It feels important to  balance what we take in intellectually, energetically, physically, and emotionally, with discernment and solitude, rest and relaxation, creating the Sacred finite Space that feels supportive for each of us  so that the infinite can gestate and blossom.

While not turning away from disturbing happenings in the world, it feels important to lighten up.  Our frequency matters and has a great impact on person (others), place, space, and us – and the reality we wish to create. Making time to have some fun, to share with trusted friends  and spending time in nature are powerful antidotes. Having a daily practice that nourishes us,  body mind and spirit, and that is grounding feels more important than ever as well.

Learning to realize when our perception is too subjective, and to know that we are not alone also feels important, as does releasing any remaining  heaviness, pain, and suffering from the past. Be at Peace is a great mantra! Do we take full responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings? Can we believe in our own inner strength and worthiness and believe in others as well?

Also known as Dreamer, Blue Night begs the question what do you dream of and what are you dreaming up? May we Honor our Dream Seeds and Become the Conscious Dreamer who skillfully navigate the all enveloping darkness of deep retreat, allowing fate to morph into destiny.

Further Details to Explore:

Blue Night is connected to the Water Element, West direction, and  the Planet Saturn. This July 26th 2021 Saturn is transiting Retrograde at 10 Aquarius 43 , placing it in the 19th Gene Key. The 19th Gene Key is known as the Future Human Being. It’s shadow is Co-Dependence, Its Gift Sensitivity, and the Sidhi is Sacrifice. The Movement is from Co-Dependence to Independence to Interdependence.

Richard Rudd writes of the 19th Gene Key:

“The contemporary mutation moving through the 19th Gene Key is having an unprecedented effect on all life on our planet. As a vital aspect of the Codon Ring of Gaia, along with the 60th and 61st Gene Keys, it is breaking down the very patterns of the world psyche. The reactive rigidity of the 60th Shadow and the Psychosis of the 61st shadow have long held sway on our planet. A great reaction is occurring within the chemistry of our DNA as the old ways appear to tighten their grip on the only reality they have ever known. There is an enormous fear being generated through the shadows of this Codon Ring and an enormous potential  violence as our co-dependence is broken. However, the truth is that all life is and has always been interdependent because all life is one. Even independence is an illusion, and this realization is bringing an end to the world psychosis that operates out of the 19th shadows low frequency survival based reality. It is through this Ring of Gaia that we must and will eventually see and will live again in union with all beings that share this planet.”


Blue Planetary (10) Storm

The Longcount aspect of the Trinity of Kin is  Blue Planetary (10) Storm, Blue Storm, also known as World Changer and the initiation of fire on water, challenges and invites us to embody our Essence Selves to carry us through intense feelings that accompany profound growth.  The energy of the 10th  Planetary tone supports this invitation.

Keywords for Blue Storm include transformation, purification, lightning path, light body, reunion, and the ecstasy of freedom

“prepare for Sacred Re-Union with the Self that cannot be destroyed even when lightning strikes” Ariel Spilsbury writes on Blue Storm in the Mayan Oracle.  


This Lightning strike is an awakening;  an internal alchemy and permanent altering of circuitry that expands the body temple’s capacity to hold light and that ends the illusion of separation.. There is no turning back.

 BE the Change that you wish to see in the world says Blue Planetary Storm.

This time is ripe for continued awakenings of the most profound kind.  Surrender is KEY. Blue Cosmic Night at Heart supports this transformational, transmutational, transfigurational process.


Further Details to explore:

Blue Storm is connected to the element of Water, the West direction and the Planet Pluto. On July 26th 2021 Pluto is transiting Retrograde at 25 Capricorn 22, placing it in the 61st Gene Key where there has been a lot of action for quite some time now. It is the ‘scene’ of the Pluto Saturn conjunction of January 12 2020 (22 Capricorn 46 also Gene Key 61) . It is the energy of challenging the status quo, the systems of Structure and Order and Power Worldwide. It’s a HUGE Collective passage. The US is in the process of having a Pluto return as well! We can readily see and feel this energy playing out.

Gene Key 61 is known as the Holy of Holies. It’s shadow is Psychosis, Its gift, Inspiration, and its Siddhi is Sanctity.

The following passage feels to be at the root of many of the crises/threshold opportunities our World faces now.

Richard Rudd writes of the 61st  Gene Key and the Ring of Gaia (that also includes Gene Key 19): 

“Through its associated Codon Ring, the Ring of Gaia, this 61st Gene Key represents a mystery hiding inside every single unit of matter in the universe. This mystery is the mystery of Christ Consciousness, that quintessence of inner light that holds all things together. It is the creative evolutionary process that gradually unveils this inner light. Through the Ring of Gaia we can see how our ecosystem , the living, breathing diversity of the blue green planet and all its life forms,  is destined to discover its own inner truth as one entity. This Codon ring shows that evolution is a force that is breaking out from inside us, and that to unlock its secrets we have only to look inward”

Richard also shares: 

“Creativity is the single most important gift for drawing humanity out of its mass psychosis”

On a personal level we are invited to courageously and creatively face this Crisis/Threshold Opportunity, break free of mass psychosis, identify our own truth and live in that integrity,  fearlessly look deep within and step into the unknown. What in us needs to die? Are we willing to surrender? What can we creatively contribute? How can and do we best serve now?


Retrograde Motion

The Planets associated with Yellow Seed, Blue Night, and Blue Storm (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) are all transiting Retrograde on July 26, 2021, opening the Yellow Electric Seed Year. Retrograde motion is, in actuality, an optical illusion, yet it has an amazing impact upon our Psyches.

A retrograde planet appears to be moving backward from our view here on earth because it HAS SLOWED DOWN SO MUCH TO RELATIVE STILLNESS!! As the energy directs us to turn within, an opportunity to deepen our experience of and relationship with that planetary energy is present along with affording a time of review.

Although the 3 planets will not remain retrograde for the entire Yellow Seed Year, that all 3 are on July 26th feels incredibly significant. I feel that  the deepening energy of Stillness (and/or a marked need for it)  will be influential during the entire cycle.

For each one of us, the inner explorations and outer manifestations will be different and consonant with own journeys, yet will also carry the energy of the overarching collective themes and archetypes.

If you are new to the Gene Keys and may be interested in exploring them further you can do so at Contemplation on the Gene Keys for me  has been affirming, opening, deepening and transformational.

The Resource from which I’ve quoted Ariel Spilsbury is The Mayan Oracle,  A Galactic Language of Light. This is an amazing, magical  and profound work that has a special place in my Heart.

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