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Seed Cycles of Yellow Human


Through the daily WEAVING of the traditional Mayan Calendar and the Dreamspell/13 Moon calendar system, I realized that even though both are a 260 day count that we "fit" into the Gregorian calendar time, at some point there was a change in the pairs of daykeepers that were showing up and rotating cyclically. Why would this be if both systems follow in order day by day through a perpetual cycle that does not change? 


After playing around with several notions attempting to find the point at which the change took place, I found it!. It became apparent that the shift took place every four years on the day after the February 29th , “Leap Day” ; on March 1st. I later found this statement put forth by the Foundation for the Law of Time:


Note: February 29/Leap Day is known as 0.0.Hunab Ku - a day of pure timelessness. For Feb 29 Birthdays: If you were born on February 29 before noon local time, use February 28. If you were born after noon local time, use March 1 to find your galactic signature


The Traditional Longcount Calendar does not hold to the above premise but rather moves forward in time. Looking further I realized that every March 1st in a Leap year in the 13 Moon Gaian Natural Time calendar begins with the Solar Tribe Yellow Human.  Yellow Human (also known as EB and Sage) it is the 12th of the 20 Solar Tribes in the Dreamspell System that the 13 Moon calendar follows. And the 4th Solar Tribe is known as Yellow Seed. (Thus the title of this piece: Seed Cycles of Yellow Human).


Yellow Human as an energetic archetype, according to Ariel Spilsbury, is “the Grail, the golden fleece, the philosophers stone, the alchemical transmutation that turns baser materials into gold. It is the cornucopia, the emptiness and the harvest, the still place that lies open and fallow receiving the gifts.”   Yellow Human, according to the Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 5 is the Blueprint for the purified Solar Human Being.


How fitting for it then to always begin a new Seed Cycle of evolution for humankind. As I ponder, I imagine that every four years a slight mutation of a seed takes place as these human seedpods/souls descend to earth, each with a new theme to focus upon (in addition to their individual journey); in a grouping that supports the ongoing evolution of the whole. I’m just now beginning this exploration.  It is richly rewarding so far.


As it turns out there is another pattern within each 4 year cycle as well. Each rotation of archetypes in a four year seed pod includes a set of Double Archetypes that rotate with Ahau, aka Yellow Sun also known as the Enlightened One. In one threesome Combination, Yellow Sun is in the Dreamspell position. In the other, it is the New Earth Resonance traditionally known as Longcount. This is such beautiful Symmetry and occurs within every 4 year cycle! What changes, lessons, integrations and rewards  are the accompanying archetypes or Solar Tribes that appear with Yellow Sun (Ahau) Portending?


There is also an instance (one I have found so far in the 100 years or so I have chronicled and believe I will uncover more) when Yellow Sun becomes the CENTER and HEART BRIDGE of the grouping.


Yellow Sun’s number is 20 and also 0. It is Wholeness at the culmination as well as original condition/intent.  It is our Journey From and Back to Source. Although each of us has a uniuque and different journey here on earth, these particular four year patterns seem to reflect cycles within  the Collective journey that we as Humanity are making and co-creating...and qualities as well that in some way will be reflected in our  personal inward and outward journeys


The Current Cycle we are in began on March 1st, 2012 and will extend through February 29, 2016. I've also been using color to sense the messages of the times. So far there are rotating in 4 repeating color patterns as well when combining the colors of the three Solar Tribes for a rotation - there will always be 20 combinations that rotate because there are 20 Solar Tribes...I have not spent much time with the tones yet, though these rotate in a certain patterning as well


The colors rotating this four year cycle are Coral, Light Violet.(2 days in a row) and Turquoise, then beginning again with Coral. These colors seem to be significant energies to consider as well. The numbers below the tiny bottles on the image below are numbers of actual bottles in the Aura-Soma color care sysyem. More on that specifcally another time...


Yellow Sun and its Archetypal Companions for the Current Cycle


The current Cycle began with Kin 172, Yellow Electric Human, as Dremspell Galactic Signature, Kin 125 Red Galactic Serpent as New Earth Resonance and Kin 37, Red Spectral Earth as Heartbridge.


This current Cycle features Yellow Sun as Dreamspell (1st position of the Threesome) with Red Skywalker as both Heart Bridge and New Earth resonance. As We Heal as Humans and become our Solar Selves, we Bridge Heaven and Earth and embody our Divine Design...Time Traveler's Bridge to the Sacred Garden: Angelic Humans we Become


This current Cycle also features Yellow Sun as the New Earth Resonance (3rd position of the threesome) with Blue Hand as both Dreamspell and Heart Bridge. Blue Hand, 7th Archetype,  is the Cosmic Dancer, the Keeper of the Spiral Wisdom and also known as Avatar. Through the Archtype of Blue Hand we become 'complete and whole and :one with the Light' - assisting in building the worlds to come and exemplyfing the New Day... Knows, Accomplishment, Healing - Cosmic Dancer's Sacred Garden of Spiral Wisdom: Giving Voice to Ancient Sacred Future Ways


(You can see the above threesomes pictured on the right of the image below beneath the small color bottles)




I feel that these are energetic opportunities supported at this time for us all. Each of us will experience the energies on different levels and in different ways...each of us was also born within a specific four year cycle -it has been interesting and enlightening to look at and reflect upon this as well.-


I hope to continue this journey and to share much more in the near future...until then

In Lak'ech



See an image of the current pairings in rotation below - see images and a few keywords for Solar Tribes HERE


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