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Please find an image of the 13:20 Harmonic Module called the Tzolkin below. It depicts the The 20 Solar Tribes and 13 tones that together create 260 possible combinations known as Kin. The numbers begin in the upper left corner and move down the first column and up to the top of the second. The numbered Kin move in wave-like fashion through the 260 day year in a perpetual cycle. To the far left of the matrix are the images of the 20 Solar Tribes in 1-20 order. At the top the 13 Tones of creation are depicted in the Mayan number code of bars and dots and move left to right.


The 52 darker green squares are unique to the Dreamspell version of the Mayan teachings as taught by Jose Arguelles and, it is  said, passsed down from Yucatec Shamans. The pattern is called the Loom of Maya and each individual Kin is called a Galactic Activation Portal. The pattern is also know as the Galactic Butterfly. Looking at the image below one can imagine the

Magic Butterfly as it prepares to take flight. Galactic activation portals are said to be days when the veil is thinner and when we may have greater access to other dimensions. They are also said to be representative of human DNA. Thus on these days we are urged more than ever to activate our evolutionary potential.


Each Solar Tribe/Tone combination is known as a Kin. Kin 8, for example, is Yellow Galactic Star. See if you can find it in the Tzolkin below:

About Solar Tribes and the 13 Tones of Creation



 “Archetypes are form constants that exist in and define a field of consciousness which is beyond time, space and the individual."    ~ Carl Jung


The 20 Solar Tribes are unique archetypes that hold keys to becoming our butterfly selves. We are all born with a Dreamspell Galactic Signature and to explore this is a wonderful place to begin the journey. Everyone has an associated square on this grid, each one of us something special to unfold. Getting to know and understand this is a very opening and supportive evolutionary process, filled with depth and soul resonance.


Through my own explorations I have found as well that in engaging this practice and getting to know my Galactic Signature,  a realization that I am/we are actually all of the archetypes and we can cultivate, call on and engage them at different points in time in life to become more whole.  


It is rewarding to study and also draw the glyphs themselves (and color them too)  to experience the power of their symbol and to open to their language beyond words. 


Each Tribe has a color and a number: the Colors:  Red, White, Blue, Yellow – the numbers 1-20/0. Each tribe has a Family, Chakra Association, and a planetary link too. More on that later,


The 20 Solar Tribes are also referred to as “Daykeepers” and Kin as they rotate through the Mayan year day by day in numerical order also accompanied by  one of the 13 tones; 260 combinations in all.


Archetypes function to assist us in looking at our lives from a much larger, more mythic and spiritually expansive perspective than our ordinary ego’s day to day view of the self, and are expressed through the Self so that the archetypal blueprint is made our own.


The 13 Tones of Creation collectively form the wavespell cycle. Each tone builds upon the other having its own distinct quality. The Solar Tribes or Archetypes are the Essence and the tones how that Essence moves through life.


It can feel like an adventure to engange the Solar Tribes and Tones in this way, inviting us to see and experience life as a process which can set the stage for a magical journey.  Such a journey also supports greater insight, strength and resolve during more difficult times - Serious Fun!

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