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Rainbow Word Play 

AR58-203_POLAREYED Magical Realism Reveals Radiant Rainbow De-Light_Feb 16 2020 smallcopy.

The July 2020 issue of my newsletter included a Creative  Invitation to submit 3 words into an Imaginal  "Rainbow Colors Cauldron". Once words were submitted by anyone wanting to play, a list of all of the words was sent out to those who had submitted 3 words. We could create nouns from verbs and verbs and adverbs from nouns. change plural to singular and vice versa and add words for connection and flow. Seven of us fashioned writings using the words below. The words are wonderful and suprisingly there were no duplicates! It was interesting to note the common threads conceptually in the weaving as well as the unique pattern of each piece.


The Words: 

Precious. Presence, Peace, Blooms, Henceforth, Iridescent, Loving, Compassion, Protection, Empowering. CoCreators, Visionary. Seeking, Sacred, Wisdom, Freedom, Clarity, Unity, Connection, Self-Authority. Expression, 


Please enjoy the submissions below created by Victoria Silks, Danielle Tonossi,

Phyllis Chapman, Mili Dillard, Patti Lightflower, Julie Rebensdorf and me. Thank you so much to all of you!! :))))   

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