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Considering a Sacred Trinity of Kin

The Trinity of Kin is a method of weaving the Mayan Dreamspell (a reinterpreted version of the Mayan Calendar), and the Longcount aka New Earth Resonance (a traditional Mayan calendar also called Quiche count) with a third synthesis of the two created by adding their numerical values. Read about how this lens came to be on the link Weaving Dreampell and Longcount, or on the First issue of the Newsletter Loominosity found Here.


Also find the Introduction to the Dreamspell Pages Here


A Kin is a Solar Tribe (archetype) and Tone Combination. Each Kin has a number from 1-260. The numbers can be found on the Tzolkin Harmonic Module  If when you add your Dreamspell Galacti Signature and Longcount together, it adds to more than 260, then subract 260 from the number that you get from the adding..


Find Keywords and phrases for the Solar Tribes HERE


Find infomation about the 13 Tones of Creation HERE


The Trinity of Kin  method holds true for any date. We all have a Trinity we were born with that creates an energetic focus for our lives. It is fun to look deeply at the correspondences in a personal way on additional Birthdays, as they will always be different and add another layer of meaning and focus and deepening to your life and assist your year long passage.


The Trinity of Kin can also be considered each day if you are a serious follower of the Mayan system. All weaves beautifully with Western Astrology as well.


Try Considering the Dreamspell Signature as linked with the Crown chakra, the Inspiration, the Imaginal Realm of limitless possibility, the Wave of the quantum theory,  – 4th dimensional time – Soul Star


Try considering the New Earth Resonance (longcount) as the Root Chakra, the Grounding, the Phenomenal Realm, the Particle of the Quantum Theory, The Earth Star– the Earth realm, Form, -3 dimensional Time – the qualities of the vehicle you create to allow the energy of the Dreamspell to shine through –


What unites them together and assists in the dance of Integration so as to unify and direct and manifest  Hearts Desire and Soul Purpose?  What assists in creating Heaven on Earth? THE HEART BRIDGE `


Try considering that third Kin (pictured in the center in my newsletters and in illustrations on the site) as Central to the Integration of Root and Crown and a Unifying force and support to The Incarnational Star – creating the  Unified Field/Theory– Heart Chakra – 5th Dimension – beyond time and space.



The Trinity of Kin might be considered as:

(one lens through which to view)



Crown Chakra and SoulStar, Imaginal Realm, Inspiration,

Wave of the Quantum Theory, Galactic Heart



New Earth Resonance/Longcount:

Root Chakra and Earth Star , Phenomenal Realm.

Particle of the Quantum Theory,Earth Heart



Magic Heart Bridge:

Heart Chakra, Incarnational Star, Ecstatic Realm, Harmonizer, Unified Field/Theory,

Magic Maker, Your/Our Heart, Rainbow Light



This is one lens through which to view and if it speaks to you at all I invite you to try it

and see if and how it may resonate for you







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