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Visioning With Heart: An Invitation to enter the Enchanted Portal


In the fast paced linear 3D world that we live in, the magic that underlie all of creation can be lost in the hustle and bustle. And yet that Magic is always there, waiting for us to engage with it – waiting for us to allow our magical children to come out and play! 


Once we accept the invitation to enter the Enchanted Portal and stand on the threshold of this imaginal world, we may feel exhilaration and excitement as we enter into a land of multi-dimensionality where Synchronicity rules.


We may find that the more that we pay attention to the synchronicities that are happening all around us the more they happen.  We may discover that these synchronicities are creating a path, lighting the way for our Heart and Soul to follow and simultaneously guiding us within, assisting us in finding our own personal truths and the larger universal truth in every situation.



Learn to…


  • Be your own “Heart Navigator”

  • Create a visual journal in the form of collage cards drawing from your own deep wisdom well

  • Increase self and other awareness

  • Discover the Brilliance of your own resourcefullness

  • Bolster your resilience

  • Honor yourself and your journey

  • Relax and have fun

  • Attune ever more deeply to the synchronicities that are happening all around and open to every day magic

  • Empower your co-creative self and shine your inner Light

  • Find support and insight as you navigate life challenges

  • Deepen your Intuitive ability

  • Find and follow you “True North” and Trust in yourself

  • Interpret through a variety of lenses such as color, landscape, shape, symbol. animal totems



Although I’ve collaged and created art over the years and have experienced the art making process as a transformational tool, I had no idea how the process of creating these collage cards in combination with the  practice of working with them in ways most meaningful to me, could be so supportive, inspiring. transformative, and fun. 


What an amazing journey it has been! And in more difficult times and circumstances these cards have been portals of comfort and deep insight as well.


And so I invite you to take the leap and to TRUST in yourself and in this magical process of creating! Deep insights and connections may not come right away (or they may), and yet I promise you – they always will in time!


Be Patient. Slow Down. Enjoy the Process.


Consider making a creative commitment to yourself. No special artistic skills are required and the process is so much fun!


I invite you to enter a Realm where  deep healing can and does occur  ; a Realm where Ancestors, Guides, Gods and Goddesses, Angels, Star Beings, Animals, Insects, Birds and YOU walk and play together and where flowers, trees, rocks, rivers and clouds speak with inspirational and relevant messages and where a myriad of rainbow colors paint memorable landscapes ; an Intuitive Realm


I invite you to engage in this wonderful self-care process and practice as a way to empower yourself as a conscious co-creator, to bolster your resilience,  and to enrich your own life and the lives of all you come in contact with in 3D, for magic  has a ripple effect…


Contact me, Sarah Gallant, for more information or to schedule a Visioning with Heart Session in Cincinnati Ohio

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