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Visioning with Heart

with Vision and Heart, Courage and Trust, and with Love and Care in ALL I do,

I open into new dimensions; blossoming in my element,

coming ashore to give birth to my dreams.

Visioning with Heart is a  Fun and Eclectic Collage Process that supports creativity and creative freedom, deep heart knowing, sharing, play, and giving form to inspiration


Inspired by a variety of systems and practices like SoulCollage®, the Aura-Soma Color Care System and my own work within them, Visioning with Heart draws from these and the inspirations and focuses of every participant.


During a Visioning with Heart gathering, you are invited to depart on a magical journey of creating, where you can plant golden seeds of possibility that may inspire writing, new direction, deeper understanding, clarity, changes of perspective, and  greater skill in dancing in the ever fluctuating river of life. It’s a FUN and meaningful process of Stirring your Creative Cauldron and Dreaming your Life into Being

Collage as a Form of Dreaming

Allowing Intuition to guide your collage process beginning with meditative image gathering creates the space for magic and dreamlike states of consciousness that encourage deep wisdom and inspired creativity to surface.


The language of imagery, symbol and metaphor serve as a bridge to increased awareness of the synchronicities that are always happening all around us  making life more magical, meaningful and fun!!


Creating and working with Collage as a Practice can provide ongoing guidance and inspiration for the journey. Thus collage making may also serve as a compass, a co-creational/intentional tool, and a doorway into an ongoing (and illustrated) magical adventure...


While I sleep…


Dreams Become Visions

Become Star Harmonies

Softly Played

Fertile Otherworld Songs

Soul-Steeped and Well-Seeded

Carried upon Coyote’s Howl,

On Cactus Bloom…

Rainbow Cities Emerge

In Folds of Sacred Mushroom

And Meandering Mind…

Leaping into the Unknown

I Magically Awaken

Under the Full Moon


Awaken in the Dream to bring the Divinely Encoded

Mythic Expression of yourself into your daily life


Please enjoy the video on the link below


I am deeply grateful to the artists whose images allow me (and others) to Story, Re-Story and Weave

rich inner and outer worlds through the magical collage process!






click the link below to learn more about Visioning with Heart


A Invitation into the Enchanted Portal of Visioning with Heart



The Visioning with Heart Section is still under construction! Please check back again soon!


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