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Finding your own Dreamspell and Longcount (New Earth Resonance) signatures



StarRoot    A Handly little calculator that determines your Dreamspell Galactic Signature AND New Earth Resonance (among other things I'll write about later) You just put your date of birth into the spaces provided and click reading. The Dreamspell Galactic Signature appears as CENTER of the 5 square image on the page top left.  The tone is shown as lines and dots and written as a word below  (Yellow Galactic Star, Blue Solar Night etc) The Kin number is also included. And of course you can use this calculator to determine information for any date.


The longcount or NER (New Earth Resonance) is found by scrolling down until finding text that says: Mayan Tzolkin - and underneath includes a number and a mayan name along with an image. This number is the tone (1-13) and the Mayan name is the Solar can find the Kin number by looking at the Tzolkin Harmonic Module    and the Solar Tribe names in English and Mayan HERE


This CALCULATOR is wonderful and gives more extensive information about the Dreamspell Galactic Signature, the Moon you were born in, the year, etc and is part of the Foundation For the Law of Time Website


If you have a 13 Moon Gaian Natural Time Calendar the method for calculating your Galactic Signature is explained within it. Its a beautiful Calendar - check it out by visiting the link in the line above


If you'd like assistance in determining these counts for yourself, e-mail me with your date of birth at

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