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Here are glyphs/images, interchangeable names, and a few keywords for the Solar Tribes in numerical order 1-20/0.  Its a good beginning point. I'll be adding much more soon. Following these charts are additional Keywords and Phrases for each Solar Tribe

Additional Keywords and Phrases


1. Red Dragon  - Primordial Mother, All that Is, Trust in the Source, Great Mystery, Nurturance, Receptivity


2. White Wind - Spirit Breath, Presence, Inspiration, Unification, Freedom


3. Blue Night - Looks Within Place, Finding the Inner Gold, Stillness, Dreamfield Matrix, Abyss, Sanctuary, Release, Conscious Dreaming. Silent Retreat


4. Yellow Seed - Fertile Ground, Possibility Erupting, Self-Germination, Bodhi Mandala. Gestation, Creation, Patterning of the Light, ordered pattern of growth


5. Red Serpent - Passion, Vitality, Body Wisdom, Desire, Motivation, Purification, Intimacy, Instinct, Sensing, Integration, Life Force


6. White Worldbridger - Surrender, Release, Forgiveness, Revelation, Transmutation, Humility, Death and Rebirth, Connector of Realms, Opportunity


7. Blue Hand - Completion, Gateway, Opening, Dance, Mudra, Divination, Cosmic Dancer, Wave-Rider,  Priest/Priestess of the Spiral Wisdom, Beauty Way, Healing


8. Yellow Star - Harmony, Starseed, Beneficial Combinations, Octave, Expanded Love, Way-Shower, Leaping into Unpatterened Potential, Artist of Life


9. Red Moon - Signals, Signs, Awakened Awareness, Self-Remembrance. Godseed, Beacon, Cosmic Communication, Divine Guidance


10. White Dog - Breakthrough, New Beginnings, Companions of Destiny, Emotional-Body issues, Recasting the Past, Spiritual Strength, Loyalty, Love, Compassionate One


11. Blue Monkey - Innocence, Spontaneity, Inner Child, Humor, Artistry, Trickster, Disruption, Transaparancy. Play, Light-Heartedness. Divine Child


12. Yellow Human - Abundance, Harvest, Open Vessel, Quickening, Chalice, Emptineess, Grail, Sage, Higher Mind


13, Red Skywalker - Time/Space Traveler, Angelic Messenger, Courage, Mysterious Journey, Pillars of Heaven, New Direction


14, White Wizard - Integrity, Heart-Knowing, Night-Seer, Torch-Bearer, Jaguar, Alignment with Divine Will, Larger Vision, Transparency


15. Blue Eagle - Hope, Commitment, Compassionate Service, Global Consciousness, Dreams and Visions, Belief in Oneself, Seer, Visionary


16. Yellow Warrior - Grace, Trust, Inner Knowing, Galactic Conduit, Cosmic Consciousness, Golden Pillar, Ferryman's Staff, Mystic Transmission, Service to the Light


17. Red Earth - Centeredness, Synergy, Synchronicity, Earth Force, Galactic Alignment, Clue Tracking, Crystal Healing, Earth Keeper, Presence, Alignment/Attunement, Navigation


18. White Mirror - Timelessness, Clarity, Spiritual Warriorship, Sword of Truth, Integrating Paradox, Facing Shadow, Greater Reality -


19. Blue Storm - World Changer, Purification, Transformation, Reunion, Light-Body Activation, Thunderbeings, Lightening Path, Ecstacy of Freedom, Initiation by Fire


20. Yellow Sun - Wholeness, Ascension, Union, Unconditional Love, Solar Mastery, Language of Light, Limitless Bliss, Sacred Garden, Self-Authority , Enlightenment

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