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22nd annual World Sound Healing Day - Feb 14th 2024

my offering: 

Hearts Wide Open: We are ALL Jewels of the Earth

a 30 minute Alchemy Crystal Bowl sound bath and short meditation

on Zoom at 6PM EST

doors open at 5:50 PM and close promptly at 6 PM EST

because its only me I won't be able to let anyone in after 6

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 811 8905 2055

Passcode: crystal

check out the World Sound Healing Portal with so many wonderful offerings 

New Moon Celebration - Thursdat Feb 8th 2024 - 6:30-8 PM

Come Celebrate new beginnings and the Magic and Wonder of the New Moon 

in Aquarius with Francine Haydon and me . Empower and attune yourself though grounded practices and ceremony, astrological insights and Sound Immersion. This months sound will include an alchemy crystal bowl sound bath and possibly some shamanic drumming



Forest and Bloom Healing Studio

7809 Laurel Ave, Ste 8, Maderia, Ohio 45243

To register contact Francine at 513-324-5652


register online at Bloom Integrative Healing

energy Exchange: $35

Please join me for an Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Sunday Feb 26 2023

1-3 PM

At Forest and Bloom Healing Studio

7809 Laurel Ave, Ste 8, Maderia, Ohio 45243


Meet my crystal bowl family,

learn a bit about their Magic,

Discover the science of sound made visible (cymatics) ,


Experience the beauty and healing power of Sacred Sound.

Cost – Love offering

To register contact Francine at 513-324-5652


register online at Bloom

(when you click on the Soundbath offering, add your love offering amount

in the space provided and add to the cart)


Alchemy Crystal Bowls are unique instruments. Each one is infused with one or more semi precious or precious stones, minerals and/or earth substances

Below is a  Cymatics Image mandala  of the fundamental note of my C# Larimar and Mother of Platinum crystal bowl created by John Stuart Reid and James Reid . Follow the link to some fascinating information about sound made visible and John's research

Sarah Gallant

Sacred Symmetry Soundscapes 

Level 2 Graduate of Sacred Science of Sound Training,®

My Passion in life is to follow my Heart and to live authentically. That for me includes sharing with others what has assisted and supported me on my journey, what has brought me great joy, and what has helped me to see a larger picture and my own  place within it. My own exploration of multiple systems and practices  has confirmed what I’ve always felt in my heart: that all is (and that we all are) connected and that each system (and each one of us) has a valuable part to play in the whole.

My intention is to foster an increasing awareness of the synchronicities that make life more magical, meaningful. fulfilling, transformational, love filled, and fun . 



Please Join me for an Intro to Visioning with Heart


Sunday March 19th

12 Noon  – 4 PM

At Forest and Bloom Healing Studio

7809 Laurel Ave, Ste 8, Maderia, Ohio 45243


Intimate Group: no more than 8 participants

Investment in Self- $50


Call Francine Haydon to register at 513-324-5652


click HERE to sign up at Bloom and Pay online


Are you Ready?


Take a joy-filled Quantum Leap!


No special Artistic skills are required


Needed: An Open Mind and Heart

~Sarah Gallant, trained Soul Collage® Facilitator since 2010 and Founder of Visioning with Heart

Visioning with Heart is a  Fun and Eclectic Collage Process that supports creativity and creative freedom, deep heart knowing, sharing, play, and giving form to inspiration.


During a Visioning with Heart gathering, you are invited to depart on a magical journey of creating, where you can plant golden seeds of possibility that may inspire writing, new direction, deeper understanding, clarity, changes of perspective, and  greater skill in dancing in the ever fluctuating river of life. It’s a FUN and meaningful process of Stirring your Creative Cauldron and Dreaming your Life into Being


Learn to…


  • Be your own “Heart Navigator”

  • Create a visual journal in the form of collage cards drawing from your own deep wisdom well

  • Increase self and other awareness

  • Discover the Brilliance of your own resourcefulness

  • Bolster your resilience

  • Honor yourself and your journey

  • Relax and have fun

  • Attune ever more deeply to the synchronicities that are happening all around and open to every day magic

  • Empower your co-creative self and shine your inner Light

  • Find support and insight as you navigate life challenges

  • Deepen your Intuitive ability

  • Find and follow you “True North” and Trust in yourself

  • Interpret through a variety of lenses such as color, landscape, shape, symbol. animal totems

  • Create an ongoing practice of working with and getting to know your cards (and youself)



What you’ll receive:


A printed booklet about the process with ideas for creating your collage deck and with resources for additional supplies, info to assist in interpretation . There are also examples of cards and writings and a bonus 3 card reading format good to use with any deck of oracle or tarot cards


All the supplies that you’ll need for the day to create collage cards and extra card stock to take home to continue your journey of creating


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