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Aura-Soma Color Care System

The Aura-Soma Color Care system is a non-intrusive self-selective system of soul work that seeks to restore, revitalize and rebalance all levels of being. As a paradigm of healing it is based upon recognizing and honoring the inherent wisdom each one of us carries within


The bottles themselves are captivatingly beautiful and people are instinctively and undeniably drawn to them. The language of color is universal and one that most everyone speaks. Aura means Light and Soma means body. The Aura –Soma color care system seeks to connect us with the light within ourselves and the living energies of light and color that surround us. It is a System that is continually growing and expanding in Consciousness as humanity also evolves.



Aura-Soma brings together the energies of three kingdom:

Mineral through the wavelengths of gems and crystals

Plant through the science of signatures, herbal extracts and essential oils

Color through utilizing the properties of color and light to relate to the colors within the hueman energy body


Each bottle of color has a very special combination of all three kingdoms within


To view images of color bottles and learn a bit more about them visit Aura-Soma North America and Mystical Gifts.


To experiment with doing a free online consultation for yourself click HERE


As of this writing (July 2014) there are 112 color bottles numbered 0-111. These are called equilibrium bottles and each one, through color and color combination, embodies a unique message and vibration. “You are the Colors you choose and these reflect your beings needs” is a quote from the systems Founder/Creator Vicky Wall and used often to convey the importance of personal responsibility for our own well-being and in the colors we choose and interpret for ourselves.



The colors and color combinations of Aura-Soma are keys to consciousness helping us to understand our own essential nature. Color is interpreted/understood on the Symbolic, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Energetic Levels.  A typical Aura-Soma consultation includes choosing 4 bottles that one is most drawn to. These 4 bottles carry specific messages for the one choosing. Each of the 4 bottles also has a “position” to weave into the considering. The role of an Aura-Soma consultant or pratitioner is to allow space for an individual to find their own relevant messages and what speaks to them through the medium of the colors chosen.


The Aura-Soma color system has many depth correspondences to Numerology, Tarot, the Tree of Life and the Chakra System. It incorporates Ageless Wisdom foundationally as well as being an open ended system that continues to grow and expand.


Besides the Equilibrium Bottles the Aura-Soma line also includes Pomanders and Quintessences that are energetically aligned with the Equilibrium bottles and serve to support and enhance the energy of healing. The Pomanders work on the Auric field and the Quintessences work on the Astal field and are aligned with the Master Equilibrium bottles in the set


Color has rich and myriad applications and meanings in our everyday life from the colors we choose to wear and to decorate with, to the food we eat, to the colors presented to us through school uniform and team colors etc. It is interesting to reflect and to note as well significant points in our life when our color preferences may have changed.


I’ve gotten much from the consideration and the weaving of color alone, and yet the Aura-Soma color bottles can also be applied to the body. I believe I experienced an accelerated healing after being incredibly bruised and shaken from a car accident. I noted a real difference in the nature of my healing process after the application of color. I chose the bottle to use intuitively (and doubly so after the same bottle I had chosen also came as an insight from the lips of a friend).


I have since used and applied color bottles chosen intuitively to assist and support me in life and during life passages.


Through working in my own ways with these color bottles and within this system it has become more and more apparent to me how color connects with everything else. I’ve explored Aura-Soma through the lens of SoulCollage®  and also have been working with Dreamspell and ancient Mayan signatures through the color lens from the standpoint of combined archetypes and also through movement in time.


I’m finding so much of value in all of the explorations and hope to share much more here in time. For now I’m sharing some links below for websites and other resources so that anyone interested might learn more! There are many additional you can find by googling.


ASIACT : Official Home of the Aura-Soma color care system


The Aura-Soma Sourcebook by Mile Booth with Carol McKnight - this book is a treasure of beautifuul writings about the system itself as well as writings and imagery that applies to individual bottles and includes bottles 0-105


Aura-Soma: Healing Through Color, Plant, and Crystal Energy  by Irene Dalichow with Mile Booth



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