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The Solar Healing of a Third Chakra Whale


On February 25, 2013 I created a series of three SoulCollage® cards featuring whales. The last, #168 in my SoulCollage deck, I called Kaya, third Chakra Whale. The series was done during a difficult passage, and the process as well as the cards (product) were and are a real blessing to me offering many ongoing insights and openings. I've always had an affinity for whales, dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and mermaids, and a variety of sea/earth sea/air beings. What has been more difficult to access at times is the quality of Fire mostly in the sense of output, although I could feel a flame burning brightly within me.


The image on the front Home page is another more recent view of Kaya. It felt very important to me to use this image for the launching of Loominosity. I realize now that this is reflective of the Deep Solar healing that I've been going (and continue to go) through (as are many of us at this time) and that will characterize this Dreamspell's  Red Solar Moon Year ; a supportive  energy that is and will be available for ALL! Below are both views of the card and the writing that accomapnies each. May this provide a helpful illustration of a continuing passage of healing and wholing and an example of how systems and practices weave gloriously together to support and illumine!

Dear One,


Lose not your sight or self in the petals of life; rather keep to your center and you shall stay whole. This you must do to truly sing the song of your soul.


In love, light, peace,

Kaya, 3rd chakra whale


I am one who trusts the process of life allowing the depths of creative imagination and inspiration to inform me from within. In this way, I connect with Source, and flowing outward into the world forge a unique path of sharing, shining forth the power of wholeness with Love and Gentleness. I joyfully communicate through my being and from my Heart – I Am/We Are ONE with the Light.


My message for you is this: Find that deep abiding and everlasting Joy within that is not dependent on externals. Become that Joy. Embody that Love.

As I prepare for rebirth and reentry into Life at a new level of Being I let go of all that needs to be released, implementing any necessary adjustments with Love and Compassion for myself and for others.


I have found my Center and have matured in ways that only Time and Patience and Endurance can provide. It is now time to ENJOY, to CELEBRATE, to Acknowledge:




I choose LOVE and Expansion. I choose JOY. I am learning how action arises from a state of open-eyed meditation. I direct my intention toward moving CREATIVELY through Life. Sacred and Peaceful Warrioress am I capable of balancing Humility with Authority and Personal Will with Divine Will.


My name is Kaya Anuenue, Kaya of the Rainbow

Elder Sister's Rainbow Resting Place

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