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Hummingbird Courage

and Creative Inspiration for New Life



Going directly to the Heart of things,  I/we

explore deeply to find the Sweetness,

delighting in bringing beauty to others in myriad forms

and delighting in Beauty itself.

Spaciousness is our friend and ally


Building on ancient gifts, I/we express them

in new ways and as World-Changer's Transforming Bridge,

we collectively are Heart Healers,

beginning first with our own.


Seeing color from Red to ultra violet, the full rainbow spectrum and beyond, our JOY comes from a sense of POSSIBILITY

for indeed we know what true MAGIC is.


I/we dare to Dream and to show up transparently and creatively for whatever Life is unfolding...  Our Life is a great adventure of growth, trust and discovery that We love to experience and to share!


Enduring to Enjoyment-Bound, We Thrive. We Love,

Celebrating our Nomadic Spirits and Eternal Soul


...Walking the Beauty Way in whatever we do,

the Love in our Lives Grows.



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