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In Rhythm and Resonce 3:

Dancing with the Sun

Honoring my ancestors and generations yet to come, the Continuity and Breath of Spirit pulse, coursing through me as a Sacred River: Flowering Life Force nurtured by Universal Waters…


…I hear the Heartbeat


I am one who dances with the Sun in Rhythm and Resonance with my Divine Feminine Nature.


Radiant and Receptive, Passionate and Compassionate, I am both a beacon for and a receiver of LOVE, uniting Heart and Mind in devotion to the Divine.


Filled with gratitude, I embrace what I now understand of my Unfolding Purpose in the Cosmic Play of Light, allowing the Sacred River that eternally flows and changes,

to cleanse me and to inform me.


Finding Freedom in flow, I humbly ask for Divine Guidance as I Dance Life, ever revealing and realizing Self in new ways








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