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Welcome to the Enchanted Portal!

Welcome to the Enchanted Portal and link to download the Chakra Meditation Mantra!


This Meditation Mantra can be used in many ways. If you already follow  or wish to follow the Chakra correspondences to Days of the Dreamspell System. beginning on July 26, 2016, day 1 of the new Blue Spectral Storm Year, the chakra days will rotate as follows:


Tuesday, July 26 - CROWN

Wednesday, July 27 - ROOT

Thursday, July 28 - 3rd EYE

Friday, July 29 - SACRAL

Saturday, Ju;y 30 - THROAT

Sunday, July 31 - SOLAR PLEXUS

spiraling to Center at

Monday, August 1, HEART


Tuesday August 2 begins with CROWN again weaving the Chakra colors and energies and spiraling again to Center at HEART


Each day of the week will rotate as above in a continuous cycle until the next Dreamspell year July 26 2017


Ive used this meditation mantra as part of a daily morning practice in its entirety as well as focusing on a specific chakra while following the Tzolkin. Its pretty universal, so if this speaks to you I invite you to find your own meaningful way to use it.


Many thanks to the author/ess of the words on these chakra flags which have proven to be a wonderful and meamgful way to open each day


Download a PDF of the Chakra Meditation Below - Enjoy! :-)

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