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I (We) Root and Reach, Reach and Root;

Lovingly Embodied,

Our Lives are Prayer-Sticks for the World


Greetings, fellow travelers, and welcome to Loominosity! I’m delighted that you’ve stopped by.  Please come in, make yourself at home, smell the daisies, relax, and take a look around! Within these pages I intend to share some of the discoveries that have inspired and uplifted me and that have assisted and suported me on my journey in life, helping to make it more magical. meaningful and fun.  My sincere desire is that you find something of interest and of value here that inspires YOU as well. I’ve only just begun the sharing, so please check back again soon.


The greatest gift to me is to see tangible proof of what I've always felt in my Heart - that everything that I've every explored connects (and connects us all) together! I've felt gloriously immersed in Great Mystery.


I'll also be sharing some incredible links that you can visit if you choose, to learn and discover more and from

other points of view.


If feels like such an epic time in the history of Humanity and of our Earth Mother when it is more important than ever to join together in creating a New Story for the New Earth. May we each be inspired to do our part.


With Love,

In Lak'ech



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