SoulCollage®, an Overview of The Process and Practice


When I first discovered SoulCollage®. I knew it was something that I really wanted to learn more about. Created by California Therapist and Spiritual Seeker Seena Frost, its a collage process where one creates a deck of collaged cards, each card representing an aspect of self, a relevant energy, persons, animals and things important in life etc. What feels most authentic for me to say here is that the cards each and altogeher tell a story (not necessarily in linear time).


It is encouraged that cards be created intuitively from imagery that one is drawn to. The standard collage card size for this process is 5X8. This size is large enough to see/experience the imagery and also a size that can be handled and worked with easily. For not only does one create cards as part of the SoulCollage® Process, we engage them too through choosing cards and reading from them, tapping into our own deep wisdom wells. It could be said that the Process of SoulCollage® is Four-Fold:


  • Gathering of Images

  • Creating the Card/s

  • Allowing Cards to Speak to You - Journaling and Writing

  • Consulting your Cards


The SoulCollage® process begins with the gathering of images. As you leaf through books and magazines and photographs allow the images to speak to you and choose the ones you are drawn to. Try not to think and plan too much. (Once getting started in this you may never look at a magazine the same again!) Cards can also be created Digitally!


You can create cards alone or in community with others. A quiet and reflective space is encouraged. Cards can be made entirely intuitively, or you may have an idea of something to communicate when you begin. You may use found images or images you’ve created yourself. Include paint or marker if you choose. There is no wrong way and anyone can do it! It is really alot of FUN besides being deeply meaningful!


After your card is created, take a few moments to journal about it.  Allow the card to speak to you beginning with using an I Am One Who statement. There are times when the I Am One Who comes right away, and other times when a card takes much longer to “speak”.  I’ve had an experience where the first time the card spoke is when I drew it for a reading.


Let the process happen naturally. An I am One Who statement may never come for a card and yet other deeply meaningful writing may. It feels really important to be open to the propess and ALLOW whatever is meant to happen unfold, not forcing it. If nothing comes in the way of words that is OK too - it is a deep experience just to connect with the imagery in wordless soul-touching fashion.

As you step into your own PERSONAL IMAGERY, you may discover a GROUNDED SENSE of your OWN REALITY as cards speak to you in PROFOUND and PRACTICAL WAYS to CALL YOUR FORWARD and DEEPER into your JOURNEY.


Creator Seena Frost outlines a system of Suits in which to place SoulCollage®cards once created. I’ve found that this happened more naturally for me  (if it was going to) once I was engaged fully in the process of SoulCollage®  for awhile. The Suits may resonate for you right away. You might even choose not to place your cards into Suits or to create other Suits. There is really no right or wrong way to do the process.  


The Suits as defined by Seena are:


Committee - the PSYCHOLOGICAL dimension honors the aspects of your personality; parts that reside within. Examples: Receptive Self, Playful Child, Maverick Explorer


Community - honors all those special PEOPLE, GROUPS,  PETS, living and dead who have impacted your life. Includes persons you may admire/have admired from afar.  Examples: Parents, Children, Friends, Mother Theresa, Barak Obama, “Friends of the Library”


Companion - the ENERGETIC dimension -honors your ANIMAL TOTEMS and GUIDES who align with the SEVEN MAJOR ENERGY CHAKRAS. Examples: 1st Chakra Spider, 4th Chakra Sea Turtle


Council  - the SPIRITUAL dimension - honors the various ARCHETYPES that guide your life; "bigger than life" concepts or ideals that are important to us as individuals but that also carry meaning for others. Examples: Death/Rebirth, Shaman, Warrior, Great Mother, Artist, Healer


Transpersonal – concepts that are beyond words – 3 cards

Source - unique representations of what "Source", "God", "Great Spirit", "The Universe", or whatever term each of us may use to describe that highest aspect. 

Witness – The one who sees without judgment, seeing the play of our inner parts against the backdrop of the Source

SoulEssence – that particularized  aspect of Source that  we are created to manifest: Our own Divine Spark


I don't often think in terms of suits except  the Energetic Chakra Companion suit - that one seems to speak to me.  I've just not been called as of yet to categorize cards in this way. I do know, however, that this system of suits speaks powerfully to many others and I honor that!  What I have found for myself is that the Mayan Archetypes call to me and I've identified them energetically in my collage cards.


I'd used collage before as a transformational tool and understood on some level the power of art to heal and whole. I had no concept, however, when embarking on this path, how incredible opening and connecting it would be.  I've also discovered SoulCollageing to be an incredibly powerful co-creational and intentional tool to use in life and will share more about this part at another time.


SoulCollage is an accessible process that can be utilized by just about everyone. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The process and engaging it seems to act as a bridge...


It begins by connecting self with Self, helping us to first identify then integrate our own various parts and aspects. It connects indviduals with other individuals who are seeking to share the process and share more deeply. It connects individuals to specific groups (such as SoulCollage®, facilitators and practitioners) for a sense of like-mindedness in expansion. It also has the potential to connect groups to other groups for the pure Universal vibration contained in the process itself draws a like Universal Vibration to itself.  


I work with my own cards each day in a variety of ways weaving them with other systems and personal practices. Doing so has enriched my life. It has made me even more aware of Synchronicity and all has guided me in ways I presently haven't adequate words to describe.  I'll be writing much more about this weaving here at Loominosity over time.


For now please visit the SoulCollage®  home page to learn more about Seena, the process, and if interested to find facilitators and events in your area.


I became a SoulCollage®, facilitator in August 2010 and have enjoyed and am so grateful for the opportunity to learn about the process and to share it with others.


Please find an example of a card and an accompanying I Am One Who statement by following this LINK and scrolling down...Please also find a gallery with some of the imagery from my own deck HERE


There is a Treasure Chest of SoulCollage® resources online. Have fun googling and exploring!


Thanks so much for visiting!



Sarah Gallant